NosDamage — a damage calculator utility for NosTale and much more to come!

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    • NosDamage — a damage calculator utility for NosTale and much more to come!


      This is not official and is a fan calculator.
      Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't decide between two weapons/shells/sp builds because they were similar and you didn't know how to exactly figure out which was the best one? Worry not! Gilgames is coming to the rescue! Today I bring you a utility app to handily calculate the damage output of a given attacker against a given defender.
      The project is based on this formula (you can find the original thread on the Italian forum here). Please note that the formula is only 98~99% accurate in PvE, mainly due to things like hidden monster stats. This could possibly affect calculations offsetting high elemental damage (usually when it's higher than 20k) by few hundreds (100-200 compared to 20k+ damage is fairly negligible, in my opinion, for the purposes of this calculator).
      NosDamage is a free, open source, project released under a GPL license. You can find out more about it here.

      Installation and usage

      You can download the latest version here or check all previous releases here. Once you downloaded the zip file, just extract it wherever you like and run the NosDamage executable that you find inside the folder.
      As of now, there are two tabs available: editor and calculator.

      From here you can create/edit/delete attackers and defenders. In the future I will add some tooltips for people who don't know what all effects mean; for now, you can ask for help in this thread or sending me a PM.

      This is the main feature of the application. From here you can choose one attacker, one defender from the dropdown menus, press calculate and check the estimated damage output. This can be useful, for example, if you want to compare two shells/weapons/sp builds/etc.


      Need help ?
      If you need help with anything related to NosDamage, feel free to PM me or reply to this thread and I'll try to help you in the best way I can!

      Feature requests and upcoming releases
      I have some planned features already, but I also accept feature requests (please check the repository link for already planned features before filing a request).

      Closing thoughts
      As of now, this project is far from polished, but it's already in a fully usable state. I will update this thread whenever a new version comes out. Thanks for your time!
      This is not official and is a fan calculator. Do not share any account data for this program.
    • Gilgames wrote:

      Please note that the formula is only 98~99% accurate
      this sounds like one of those "kills 99% of germs" commercials lol.

      jokes aside, thank you for this. in a game like this where there is a lot of stats and variables and the devs dont care at all to give us explanations and formulas, it's people like you who are our saviours.
      English Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

      Chinese 破壞龍 鋼多拉

      French Gandora le Dragon de la Destruction

      German Gandora der Drache der Zerstörung

      Italian Gandora, il Drago della Distruzione

      Korean 파괴룡 간드라

      Portuguese Gandora o Dragão da Destruição

      Spanish Gandora el Dragón de la Destrucción

      Japanese (kana) はかいりゅうガンドラ

      Japanese (base) 破壊竜ガンドラ

      Other names Crush D. Gandra
    • Or you can just use NOSAPKI, the simulator for all your Nostale experiences! Including damage calculators, monster and npc information, wing appearances, Armor and weapon upgrading, specialist upgrading, perfume, Lod timers, costume appearances, exp simulator, mounts, pets, partners and your characters hidden stats!!!! Although, nosapki is POLISH (Jekyll <3) so ye.

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