Every day a problem or a maintenance

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  • Every day a problem or a maintenance

    Every day last week, we encounter a problem or maintenance for days and hours, waiting for server combinations, but when gameforge wakes up every day, when I wake up to mob and start to care, it doesn't think about players, organizing a exp event that needs to be taken care to end the care or game I think it's necessary.Sorry for my bad english. X( X( X( X(
  • out of all things to criticize gameforge/nostale of, i wouldn't to server downtime. it's usually just the scheduled maintenance. rarely it happens to be some special maintenance, i guess just been hectic recently because of server merges and entwell focusing directly on gameforge version.

    and the downtime isn't even that long, the current maint is for 3 hours only. i've seen other game usually have 6 hours+ and easily extends to 12 or more.
    English Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

    Chinese 破壞龍 鋼多拉

    French Gandora le Dragon de la Destruction

    German Gandora der Drache der Zerstörung

    Italian Gandora, il Drago della Distruzione

    Korean 파괴룡 간드라

    Portuguese Gandora o Dragão da Destruição

    Spanish Gandora el Dragón de la Destrucción

    Japanese (kana) はかいりゅうガンドラ

    Japanese (base) 破壊竜ガンドラ

    Other names Crush D. Gandra
  • If any problem is detected, a maintenance is necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible. It's not strange to see timely errors appear in online games so I don't understand this post. The real problem would be if those errors were not solved.

    Thread closed.

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