How does partner SP upgrade work?

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    • How does partner SP upgrade work?

      After the event I ended up with a couple of partner SPs. Some of them I noticed are already upgraded to like +3, and one to +5, others are plain +0 (the ones that have no skills I think?). I don't really understand how it works, because I never upgraded them myself, can someone explain to me?
    • im not sure where you're getting +5 and +3 from, in psp you only get skills for them. to unlock a skill you need to get 100% agility (which you do by killing monsters). and you get a random rank for the skill.
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    • Without checking, I'm not completely certain what +0-5 that you mean, so I may be talking nonsense from here on, but I'll try to help.

      If you mean a + stat beside 'Attack Level' and 'Defence Level' etc., I would imagine that it's the + of the weapon/armour that your partner is using. For example, if your Kliff is using a +5 weapon, the stat will show +5.

      Pets also have + stats such as that, but rather than being from equipment, it's gained from training the pet.

      If I remember correctly:
      Partner stats show: Damage, Defence, Dodge etc., Equipment Upgrade level (+0-10), and Resistance.
      Partner SP stats show: Skill Levels, Resistance, and Requirements to use
    • Wait, look. I checked again, it must be a visual bug when hovering over them. Didn't realise the cards weren't actually upgraded...

      When actually right clicking them it shows them correctly as +0.
      By the way it has no correlation with weapon upgrade or armor upgrade, it's just a random number I guess?

      EDIT: Can you even upgrade these cards??

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    • I believe its a text bug - if you hover over an equipped psp i think you'll see the + ___

      In general you can only upgrade/bet a psp's 3 skills which can rank F-A, then S weakest to strongest respectively. F-A incrementally increases the values of skills and S grants additional effects + visual change.