A new feature in trade

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    • A new feature in trade

      My proposal is about the trade (shop), in the current system we were able to sell only the goods, my suggestion is that the person who installed the shop is able to buy the goods. Like the Steam ordering system, we set a price of 15k for an item, so if someone puts that item in the shop at a price of 15k, buy it automatically.

      In short, the shop should open to buy goods, not to sell goods(Open should be able to)

      Order feature, noshop more convenient
    • I wouldn't mind, I'd assume this would be an addition to the bazaar so it would sort buy prices from most expensive to cheapest in the same way people selling sorts from cheapest to most expensive.

      However there are obviously things that you wouldn't be able to do this for. Such as shelled equipment. For other things i assume if someone lists buying woa for 20k each and puts the gold into the bazaar, and then someone tries selling woa for 18k each and puts their woa into the bazaar, it would make the sale for them and the buyer would only spend 18k each? (And pick their remaining gold up along with the woa)

      It could be cool considering it essentially lets you view a majority of the items capable of being put into the bazaar(since you obviously wouldn't need to already have one to ask to buy it)