[7–13/12/18] New in the NosMall: Full Moon Surprise Box

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    • [7–13/12/18] New in the NosMall: Full Moon Surprise Box

      NosTale News wrote:

      #####The pale moonlight falls over NosVille, bathing it in a magical glow. Marvin Magicus and Malcolm Mix have been researching the secret power of the Full Moon Crystals for some time. They’ve already discovered how useful these mysterious items are for improving your specialist cards.
      For a short time only, they’re offering you a special box in the NosMall which may contain up to 1,000 Full Moon Crystals!#####

      *Period:* From 7th December (from 11 AM CET) until 13th December 2018 (11 AM CET).

      You have a certain chance to find the following amounts of Full Moon Crystals in the Full Moon Surprise Box:

      • 1,000x Full Moon Crystals
      • 200x Full Moon Crystal
      • 100x Full Moon Crystal
      • 50x Full Moon Crystal
      • 20x Full Moon Crystal
      • 10x Full Moon Crystal

      If you aren’t sure how to use Full Moon Crystals, simply pay a visit to Malcolm Mix in NosVille or Marvin Magicus in Port Alveus, and they will show you how to use them.

      The NosTale Team

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