Copyright issues

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  • Copyright issues


    Hello,i just want to raise awerness that these days if you ever consider creating a guide you should definetly use some watersignature or something to protect your guide from being copyrighted,since hte current troubled time for Nostale EN.

    Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.

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    It is annoying and infuriating nevertheless,you guys should atleast post something on their guides to let people know who made them or notify the plagiarists,or idk claim what is yours ?
    It dosent bother me that they repost it,thats the point of our guides,to share knowledge with people,but trying so hard to claim the credit its what bothers me,lol,like they are the only ones who made them and nobody else.
    I don't even know if he is gonna credit me but i guess i wont care in time,it just feels....bad.

    Kacchan wrote:

    welp, one of reason why I won't ever make guides (other is having advantage), but i guess you should add some watersignature on pictures or maybe some secretcode.
    Should had told me long ago before i started,i guess if Darkness metal or someone can make me micro signature to add on all pics it would be great.
    But still too late tho.

    Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.