Specialist card (5-8) conversion

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    • Specialist card (5-8) conversion

      Hello everyone,

      I think many people who open daily Draco/Glacerus boxes receive lots of Specialist cards that they delete afterwards (because it's difficult to sell them fresh lv1+0).
      My suggestion is to add a new NPC function (NPCs that give you SP5/SP6 amulet quests) that would exchange sp5/sp6 for something else. It can be perfection stones, claws or manes (not too many) or some kind of essence. I know that some people will get triggered because of the perfection stones (bla bla bla, people that make 15multi-char draco/glacerus and open so many boxes would get more perfection stones, etc). This would raise price for lv1 sp5/sp6 and give an extra opportunity to perfect specialist cards (because those who make 15multi-char draco/glacerus will get to +100 perfection anyway). This can be also applied to other specialist cards: SP7 that you get from Caligor raid or SP8 from Laurena's raid. There are so little perfection stones for these SPs and they aren't so easy to get.

      I'm not sure if it had been proposed already (but at least some people mentioned this)
      I really want to get some feedback on this suggestion.
    • Unpopular suggestion but why not just make the specialists drop rarer ?
      Like more rare and prioritize other items drop like att pots or whatever these boxes used to drop (not perfection stones obv).
      The only downside i can think its that it will probably give an economical advantage to those that already have tons of them ? It could still be preventive.

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.
    • Jekyll wrote:

      Pinkamena wrote:

      Unpopular suggestion
      Constructive criticism at its best guys...
      I said that my was an unpopular suggestion you edgelord. ||
      As for your ideea,I really think it could work out and its acttualy a good ideea,but i don't see GF doing anything about that any time soon,It may be becuase of the reasons you already said,including both the rise of sp5/6 price and more people with high perfected sp's,there are many people that don't want that as they want to keep their benefits they have,just look at Choasbringer opposition. :stick:

      Say what you feel,it's not being rude.It's being real.