Pinned Pinky Zoo - General information about nostale pets ! V.2 [UPDATED 2018]

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    • Pinky Zoo - General information about nostale pets ! V.2 [UPDATED 2018]

      Hello ! I decided to make an upgrade of one of my older guides that was about pet informations,basic stuff that every new nos player (and not only) can learn in order to buy a pet that can be usseful to the player interest.
      Now,time for some questions !
      Why is this Guide usseful ?
      It showcase each pet important informations like :
      - Element.
      - Element %.
      - Pet's type of attack.
      - Pet's Resistances.
      - Pet's Effects in attacking and defending.
      - Pet's debuffs.
      - Pet's buffs if its the case. (Pets that have a "*" near their name gives their players who accompany them a buff).

      All the Nostale pets are here ?
      Those that are obtainable from using the capture skill on them aren't presented here,instead only nosmall/event(exotic) pets will be displayed.
      What is different from the previous guide ?
      - Additional tips and notes may be written under each pet screenshots that may present alternative ways to get it or general tips of where the pet is best used.
      - Number increased from 43 to 53.
      - Also the Buffs that pets gives will be displayed.

      Without any other question on the way,i'll present you the index,just as a last request,if you want to share the guide,you are free to do,but please give credit,also leave a like if you liked this guide,i put a lot of effort into it since i had te readd the images as this forum is allergic to tinypic images for some reason,so i had to convert them.
      The Index or the pet order is random,if a certain pet interest you then you can skip to the number associated with that pet.
      Ok here it is :

      1. Fibi Frosty, 2. Spring Fairy
      3. Pirate Bushi (F/W/L/D), 4. Exterminator Bushtail
      5. Aqua Bushtail, 6. Cute Bunny
      7. Fluffy Bally, 8. Mini Kangpen
      9. Blackwing Imp, 10. Ninja Bushtail
      11. Boing, 12. Zombikit Bride
      13. Skeletal Groom, 14 Egg Fairy
      15. Young Rudi Rowdi, 16 Baron Scratch
      17. Centurion Bushtail, 18. Puss'n'Boots
      19. Viking Bushtail, 20. Cowboy Bushtail
      21. Darko, 22. Navy Bushtail
      23. Indian Bushtail, 24. Rudi Rowdy
      25. Vampie, 26. Samurai Bushtail
      27. Pegasus, 28. Docile Yeti
      29. Sick Bushtail, 30. Dander
      31. Gladiator Bushtail, 32. Young Rudolph Bushi
      33. Cuby, 34. Rudolph Bushtail
      35. Bull Bushtail, 36. Enkidu
      37. Walker, 38. Pii
      39. Rusty Robot, 40. Shogun Bushtail
      41. Boxer Bushtail, 42. Referee Bushtail
      43. Inferno, 44. Purcival
      45. Super/Santa Bushtail, 46. Seraphim.
      47. Chick Norris, 48. Super/Pumpkin Bushtail
      49. Special OPS Busho, 50. Footbal Bushtails (UK/FR/CZ/PL/RU/DE/ES/TR)
      51. Normal Bushtail in all colors, 52. Pirate King Black Whiskers
      53. Admiral Horatio Ginger, 54. MechaMog
      55. Mini Fire Devil, 56. Mad Proffesor Macavity
      57. New Year Lucky Pig, 58. Lucky Rat
      59. Leo the Coward, 60. Easter Pets
      ~The Guide is in progress~
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • 1. Fibi Frosty *

      TIP : High HP pool and great % rate makes it ideal for act 5.2 farming,it is very good in pvp too mostly against other water specialists or the bonus water res and 5% 8 seconds stun !
      2. Spring Fairy TIP : Every hour the spring fairy accompany you,you have the chance to get some roasted herring(50%),Barbecue(15%) or delicious lunch(35%) every hour.
      3. Pirate Bushtail

      TIP : This bushtail is available in all 4 elements,with no visual change or change within the stats.
      Note : Can be obtained from Pet'O'Peng event raid boxes which occurs only in Summer.
      4. Exterminator Bushtail

      TIP : Can be usseful in pvp,mostly when fighting as a fire element sp because the bushtail have a natural high fire res and can decrease the enemy fire resistance too by 15% while also adding a dot,i wouldn't use it against water sp's as this bushi lacks any defense perks and it also have - water resistance,meaning taking extra damage water attacks.Not ideal for PVE either.
      5. Aqua Bushtail

      TIP : Definetly a no go for PVE but it has potential for pvp as it has a 10% freeze,the thing that dosent make him shine amongst other bushtails is his low speed,if you aren't a ranger who can ww him,then you will have nightmares of how slow it walks.
      6. Cute Bunny

      7. Fluffy Bally *

      TIP : By far the best Pet for PVP for the extra 10% def in pvp alone,it also adds extra attack as a buff to the player while also being able to reduce the attack of the opponent,a must for pvp situations,very usseful in pve too.
      8. Mini Kangpen & Mini Jackpen

      TIP : Although both pets are just for show as they cant be used in either pvp or pve,the difference favors slightly the jackpen as it haves 15% resistance to all elements and a 0% water element.Mini Jackpen can also create one of the fallowing 3 for the player if it accompany the player hourly : Rainbow pearls for griding,Parfait or Icicle with Syrup.On the other hand Mini Kangpen creates a Pirate seal hourly for the player if he accompany him.(Not 100% sure if maximum is per 1 per day or its unlimited like the Jackpen).
      9. Blackwood Imp

      Note : Reward from the Weekly Challenge Event.
      10. Ninja Bushtail *

      TIP : Best described as a dark element inferno,if you by any chance can obtain at an early level then you will have a big advantage as the bushi also gives extra 10% dark res.

      11. Boing

      Note : Obtainable only from forum events,most likely from the Advent Calendar
      12. Zombikit Bride

      13. Skeletal Groom

      14. Egg Fairy

      Note : This used to be the reward from bringing 5 different colored eggs to malcom mixback in 2007-2009 Easter Events,yup,this was the Eastern Event back then.
      15. Young Rudi Rowdy

      TIP : If he accompanies you for at least an hour, you will get a Christmas Gift Box.
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • 16. Baron Scratch

      17. Centurion Bushtail

      18. Puss'n'Boots

      19. Viking Bushtail *

      20. Cowboy Bushtail *

      TIP : Amazing pet for lod.
      21. Darko

      TIP : This is the pet that i recomand the most for low levels,its the cheapest nosmall pet and it can attack and tank alot,its a good starter pet morever for archers and mages.

      22. Navy Bushtail *

      TIP : this one is mostly a pve pet,use alot in act 5.2 raids for water res drops and 20% damage decraese.
      23. Indian Bushtail *

      TIP : Works best in fiery areas like act 5 and also using a fire sp for extra fire energy and fire resistance.

      24. Rudi Rowdy *

      Note : +15% extra damage to lower society monsters and also item recovery passive buff.(Thx Kacchan,lel).
      25. Vampie

      Note : Similar to the Boing,The Vampie was a reward from Advent Calendar.

      26. Samurai Bushtail

      TIP : Overshadowed by the Shogun Bushi.

      27. Pegasus

      Note : For those of you that are fed up with squirrels.

      28. Docile Yeti

      TIP : Caution with this one,it has abnormally huge ammount of hp and its also the only one (alongside turtles) that deals aoe when hitting.If you don't have patience for his hp pool to fill up,i don't recomand this one.Amazing tank tho.
      29. Sick Bushtail

      Note : Some use this one for grenigas raid because of its unusual good debuff comming from a weak pet.

      30. Dander

      Note : If my mind dosen't fail me,this one came from a Weekly Challenge event.
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • 31. Gladiator Bushtail

      TIP : Sensitive to light mobs.

      32. Young Rudolph Bushi

      Note : If you have the young Rudolph Bushi accompany you for at least an hour, you will receive a Christmas gift box.(Exactly like Young Rudi Rowdy).
      33. Cuby

      Note : Another reward obtained from the Weekly Challenge Event.

      34. Rudolph Bushtail

      Note : One of the rarest pets in nostale atm.
      35. Bull Bushtail

      36. Enkidu

      Note : only darkness-metal knows how he got it,lel.

      37. Walker

      38. Pii

      Note : Weekly Challenge Reward number 3.

      39. Rusty Robot

      40. Shogun Bushtail

      Note : Advanced version of Samurai Bushtail.

      41. Boxer Bushtail

      TIP : This bushiopposed to aqua bushtail,has a very high movement speed.,which can be used to loot faster in ic's.

      42. Referee Bushtail

      Note : Potentially good against dark mobs,but falls short on defense.
      43. Inferno *

      Note : Extremly Good tank that can heal and sustain himself in the long run that also bring a fire res boost for mobbing in act 5.2.
      An alternative way to get this pet other then nosmall,can be from r6 egg,if r6 egg hatches into a baby fire fox then you can feed her with evolution fruit until it becomes an inferno,the process can be a very long one tho.

      44. Purcival

      45. Super Santa Bushtail & Santa Bushtail

      Although there is no visual difference beetwen a santa bushtail and a super santa bushtail,the difference in stats is tremendous,Super Santa is a 50% light element with 70%/40% resistances and a 20% chance to inflict shock and also a great defense while the normal Santa bushtail only have a 1% water element and 0% resistence without any perks,Santa bushtail tends to be more of an exotic/display pet as he can mimick pyjama emotions and also can dodge the storm in the snowman raid unlike super santa bushtail.
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • 46. Seraphim

      Note : Similar to Inferno,it can be hatched into a small green jelly (it appears on the above picture background) from an r6 egg,later it can be evolved with fruit of evolution. (Easter Event only).
      47. Chick Norris

      Note : Same as Inferno and Seraphim,but the hatchling must be a jumpy chicky.
      48. Super/Normal Pumpkin Bushtail

      Note : Similar to the Santa bushis situation,both pumpkin bushtails look the same with no visual difference,however in this case both versions make excellent pets.
      The Normal Pumpkin Bushtail relys more on defense having its defensive attribute higher then the super one it also have a longer and more applicable debuff that shocks the enemy and make his light res drops to 20 %,the cons of the normal one is the lack of attack power and damage as the normal pumpkin bushtail dosent have an element,while the super pumpkin bushtail has a big 150% dark element and relys heavy on magic damage,the super pumpkin bushtail also has higher resistances then the normal and his debuff have similiar effects only this time it decreases the dark resistance by 20% (although its shorter and at a slower chance).Thus if you are going to use the normal onee you should use the pumpkin bushtail with a light sp and if you are going to use the super one,you should use the pumpkin bushtail with a dark sp.

      49. Special OPS Bushtail

      50. Football Bushtails
      UK Footbalist -
      French Footbalist -
      Czech Footbalist -
      German Footbalist -
      Italian Footbalist -
      Russian Footbalist -
      Spanish Footbalist -
      Polish Footbalist -
      + one Turkish Footbalist i didnt find.(Hopefully i put the bushis according to their nation,sorry,lol.).

      Note : All the difference is beetwen the football bushtails are the team shirts.

      51. Bushtails
      Original/Brown :
      Blue :
      Pink :
      Red :
      Yellow :
      Turquoise :
      Black :

      Note : Same as the footbalists,only the colors differ.

      52. Pirate King Black Whiskers

      53. Admiral Horatio Ginger

      I will add all the credits tommorow,going to sleep,too tired. ||

      Credits to the players pets (in no particular order) : DeepStriker,Sparkfang,Takuno,ObbossamaO<>Nanamai<>,SaraChan,_bag110_,Femka,Storger,Plan8,~Rubick,Sarasama,Timo,@MoMenT@,~Zyzz~,Darkzuark,-Captain ,Minglo,Vavilon,darkness-metal,invisibleman,Saturn,bassam,Earthy,BabyLove,-QAQ-,Bulblan,lurewiski,CandyFlower,Cirne,Darkch,rainm,BuySell,Lasuka@Lasuka,Pr0War,heynen,ArcadeDoll,RemRin,Darkeffets,Lenmulle,Lurenicus,ShSrlock and special thanks to GM Morgoth for providing me reaserch material ! <3 Also Thanks for Nostale Thai for the mini jackpen hourly reward pic.Mini jackpen pic is a screenshot from a video from the Unuquer channel.Always making sure to give everyone credit.
      New pets will be added as soon as i will be able to gather info about them when they appear in game ! :D
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~NEW PETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      54. MechaMog

      NOTE : Unlike other pets,this pet can give you actively a buff by pressing shift+r,The Machine Gun Buff makes this pet perfect for any archer,as it increases hit rate,rangeed attack and crit chance,things that any archer need.So if you are an archer you will make a good investition with this pet.Only downside is that it lacks resistances.
      55. Mini Fire Devil

      Note : The best pet for LOD because of the substantial damage boost it gives for fighting Lod Mobs ironnicaly is the mini DH.Also the High Defense enables him to tank while it also can be used to kill sealed vessels monsters.

      56. Mad Proffesor Macavity

      TIP : You can use this pet for % raids,that don't rely on thet wepons and eqp's.
      Note : You can get this pet from the 3rd Hallowen Raid (Not Jack'o'Lantern nor Foxy).The PvPvE raid where 4 players must escape from the raid room before the other 2 catch and kill them.
      Credit : Thank you so much Q-Arch for allowing me to collect these info's and share them with all the Nostale EN servers ! :D

      ~If you have any pet that isnt in this guide and you would like to share its info with us,feel free to do so by pm-ing me,so far im looking for Lucky New Year Pig and Lucky Rat,but any other pet that isnt listed here is welcomed to be displayed~
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New Pets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      57. New Year Lucky Pig *

      TIP : Litteraly the only usseful thing this pet can bring is the buff,10% attack and 10% def is something that only this pet can bring to the table but is it whort it ? well its up to you afterall,you can't use it for either pvp/pve as it dies very fast,so if you choose this pet as your companion the best advices i can give are the fallowing :

      For PVE :
      Idk why would you use this pet for any pve instance but if you do,find a safe spot where he will surely won't get killed,for example the corner of afkers in IC.
      For PVP : Arena : Simply let the pig in the safe zone. (Or the bugged untargetable zone lol).
      Caligor : Let the pig near the caligor raid exit which is guarded by 99 lv angels/demons.The chances he gets killed are quite slim.
      FC : Pray that the opposing factions don't target your pig,lol.You will be preety much using a mount in FC wherever you go,so the pig isn't safe whatever you do.
      58. Lucky Rat *

      Note : This and New Year lucky pig were obtainable from advent calendar or Christmas/New Year festivities.
      TIP : This pet could be valueable for either swordies or archers (or DG mages),100% crit chance helps alot in any scenario,the problem with this one is that it lacks and defensive perks and the resistances are quite low,if you decide to use this pet as your main pet,good luck with upgrading the rat attack and defense,you will need it.

      59. Leo the Coward *

      This is my favorite looking pet in the entire game,how dare you Entwell make him so weak !
      Note : Obtainable from daily rewards.
      TIP : The best description i can offer for this pet is a "weaker navy bushtail",other then the fact that it shares the same buff and instead of the water bomb it has a 20% chance to stun,the rest of the stats are similar to navy bushtail but are far weaker then navy bushtail stats ( lower overall resistances by far,lower defense,lower water element ), ohh yeah it is also his attack is melee not magic.

      60. Easter Pets Explanations *(this mini-guide is just a scratch and will be updated when Morgoth finishes the Footage ^.^)
      Some information before we get started that will be usseful later on :
      - You get the Mysterious Egg (pet) once by succesfuly completing the Chicken Queen Raid.(Other Mysterious eggs can be obtained by Chicken Queen Raid boxes).
      - Some Acronyms, Mystterious Egg = R6 Egg,Chicken Queen raid = QFC.
      - Growth fruits and Evolution(Evo) fruits can be obtained via QFC raid boxes.
      - Chick Norris pattern isnt ready yet,also pets can be evolves only in miniland.
      First thing First before you can obtain any easter event pet you need to obtain a R6 Egg that is a special pet,if you are an archer that have a destroyer you have a free ticket to any QFC raid,swordies and mages,you will have to go some aoe sp's and pray to the Hoster to add you in his raid.Now once you got your R6 Egg,you will notice something strange,his health starts at 1 after you summoned it in your miniland :

      Now,pay attention,your objective from now on is to fill the R6 Egg hp bar so he can hatch ! How you do this ? Here are some hints :
      - Each second R6 Egg accompany you,R6 Egg gets 1 HP.
      - Every time you kill a mob in your level range,R6 Egg gets 20 HP.
      - Each time you use a growth fruit (the green thingy that looks like anything but a fruit), R6 Egg will get 5%~10% of his total HP.
      Ok,now after many growth fruits used on poor ol'R6 Egg its time for it to hatch !
      In what it can hatch,you may ask ? There are 4 posibilities : Jumpy Chicky,Young Bouncing Jelly,Flare or Marco Pollo ( which is a mount,if you get it,Gz,you saved yourself the huzzle ).
      The pets that hatched from the R6 Egg will give you a special bonus only in their primary stage,if they evolve you will lose this special bonus.
      The special bonus provides you with one Easter box every day if Jumpy Chicky,Young Bouncing Jelly,Flare supports you at least for one hour. (Available only during the Easter Event !).
      Now that you got your pet,whats next ?,well the hard part starts now,in order for your pet to grow into its 3rd/ultimate form you will need to feed it with Evo fruits,but before going into details lets see Development levels of pets - from the lowest to the highest level:

      • Young Bouncing Jelly -> Bouncing Jelly -> Young Hopping Jelly -> Hopping Jelly -> Seraphim
      • Jumpy Chicky -> Grumbly Chicky -> Chick Norris
      • Flare -> Blaze -> Inferno
      Bassicaly you have to feed them Evo fruits (the blue thingy that looks anything but like a fruit) in your miniland every 30 minutes,why 30 minutes ? because if the evolution fails your pet will get dizzy and won't be able to eat any other evo fruit for 30 minutes,yh its kinda annoying.You will have to keep doing this until your pet reach his final form.
      Now lets take a look to the info's of the easter pets :
      60.1 Jellys,The Way to Seraphim
      > > > Hopping Jelly >
      60.2 Flares,The Way to Inferno
      > >
      60.3 Chicks,The Way to Chick Norris

      > >
      Tons of thanks for GM@'Morgoth' for offering me footage for pets that it would take me ages to obtain,you are the best ! :D
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~

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    • Please make the slight correction to jackpen and kangpen

      Jackpen gives the rainbowpearls and snacks hourly

      Kangpen gives pirate raid seals hourly(during event only since pirate raid seals don't exist when the event isn't going)

      Also, why no Jackpen stat screenshot?