3v3 PVP-Event

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    • 3v3 PVP-Event

      Attention, heroes of Nosville!

      It's time for a PVP event! The poll in the forum showed that there is interest, but many of you don't dare because of a lack of equipment - we want to change that!
      This event is experimental and has never been done before, so don't miss your chance to participate!

      Here is the complete list of things you need (and only these things you are allowed to use/wear!):
      • A character between level 70 and 90 (70 and 90 included), martial artist and adventurer excluded (UK is different, please read the rules)
      • Fairies
      • Gloves and shoes
      • Theoman Topp armor and weapon/second weapon (blank, no shells, not alternated in any way, rare 0+0) - most likely the level 42(first weapon)/58(second weapon)/34(armour) stuff
      • Soraya Style accessories - on this part take the lowest level accessories (ring, necklace, bracelet)
      • 2 people to join your team (you require 3 different classes)
      That's it.

      Now comes our part! We will give you 3 SPs+15 (without special wings) of your choice for each fighter that participates, you can of course distribute the skill points yourself. But beware: You only get the SPs for the duration of the fight, after that they have to be returned.

      5.1.2019 - 6.1.2019 starting at 1pm GMT+1 each day with the first fight.
      The exact times for your team, we can of course only reveal when we know how many teams participate and set up a tournament tree.

      - 3v3 in a tournament tree
      - each team will fight another one 3 times, the group that wins 2 out of 3 times will advance in the tournament tree

      And of course there is no event without rules: a lot of them...
      • US: Participants have to be between level 70 and 90, not higher (max. Champion level 27 or below)
      • UK: Participants have to be between level 80 and 99
      • No usage of ANY item (Potions, Amulets, Booster, etc.)
      • No pets and partners
      • No own SPs, no shells, do not put custom wings or perfection stones on the SPs!
      • No costumes
      • No headwear
      • No players are allowed on the map we choose, only the 6 participants of the current fight, refrain from using 'wing of friendship'!
      • You are not allowed to leave the map at any point during the event, not for IC, not for a return-point,...
      • Players have to wear the blanc (r0+0) NPC-Equipment-set from Teoman/Soraya (Teoman = Highest possible equip / Soraya = Lowest level accessories)
      • You have to use a different SP each round of a fight
      • The Team with the last man standing wins
      • Each player is only allowed to participate with one character/account
      • Of course: Do not trade the items we'll give you to any other player
      • Let's turn it around to make it clear: The only thing your character is allowed to wear are: Resistances (your own gloves and shoes), your own fairies (without any booster) and the NPC equipment mentioned above.

      And since we are just humans: Don't try something out simply because we might've missed it in the rules - ask us! :)
      A rule violation will lead to the disqualification of the whole team!

      You missed something... what about the rewards?
      I am a very evil person, the rewards will be announced after the whole event

      Alright, I got it, what now?
      Write a mail to event@nostale.co.uk with the following information until the 31.12.2018 (deadline):
      - Server (UK or US)
      - A team-name (take the IG-rules regarding the name)
      - Your nickname and your class (you are the team-captain)
      - Your teammates' nicknames and classes

      We only need one mail for each team, the mail-writer will automatically be assigned as 'team-captain'.
      Before the deadline: The team-captain can alternate the team and switch team-mates
      After the deadline: Should a player not be able to participate after all (and only then!) the team-captain is allowed to switch the player with another one. This only applies until the first fight is done.

      We'll try to stream and comment the fights on Twitch, more information will follow!

      One last thing: Depending on the number of UK's participants we'll leave us the option open to change the event for UK to a 2v2 or 1v1.

      Mind that the rules can change - but if they do we'll announce it.

      Your Nostale-Team

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