Looking for a long term family !(US server)

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    • Looking for a long term family !(US server)

      So the winter event is comming,hopefully the hallowen one ends until then,lol.(If im willing to come back to nos i really need a fam). :D
      Anyway,im looking forward for a long term family that does lods and maybe FC raids,also a social and talkactive family where you can spend your time with the members having fun. ^^
      No fams where the main language isnt english,sorry. :stick:
      Im only a lv 74 mage so far with all first 4 cards and im looking forward to get all the cards,im very helpfull if asked. :saint: If its a solid fam im staying till the end ! (or till i leave the game for good lol).
      My ingame name is : AnduinWrynn (Yes a bg fam of WOW/Warcraft).Note me ingame,post in this thread or PM me in the forum !
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
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      ~Running through my head~