Oh - by the light! :D

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    • Oh - by the light! :D

      Hey there!

      Nice to see you here, hopefully reading this shit!

      I'm looking for a family on US Servers. My old one get inactive (again...) I was also a bit less active for at least ~4 or 5 months.
      I'm Playing on DE Servers too so I'm able to speak english and german as well. So definately prever if the family is talking in english or german too, otherwise I can't understand you...

      My in Game Charakter is °•Lux•° and I'm a level 83 Magician.
      Have some SPs for every place (Redmage, Bluemage, Holy,age, Tidelord, Archmage,...)

      I'm not a newbie, playing Nos since ~5 or 6 years as i said before on german servers and I have a good knowledge about anything. ^^ I like to help people as well.
      My currently goals is reaching lvl 88 and just haveing fun with raids and other peeps online.

      If you think I fit your family don't be shy! Message me pleaser. U can contact me in game with notice (just simply copy the name) or message me here (private or comment this thread)
      Any questions? Feel free to aske me something u may want to know.

      Thanks for reading! Have a good time.
      Greetings from cold germany ♥

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