Noob questions

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    • Noob questions

      How much gold for Lod Leech is ''okay''? (I want to increase my job lvl 35 to 70 :S )
      What is ''wp''? ?(
      Which nos items are the best?(for sell) :evilgrin:
      How good is NosWheel?Does it worth?

      I am a Mage which cards should I ''main'' (SP6 and 8 in my opinion but I am not sure (never played just know skills :stick: )
      I couldn't find any 85lv wand in bazaar why? :missilelauncher:
      I want to play PvE only should I still use ''Honourable'' items

      My writing and listening skills are terrible I hope SOMEONE :stick: can understand and ANSWER these :/

      Q about forum:
      Wasn't there a sh1t smile before
    • -Leech part always up to the one who is leeching the other, but how ever its not big deal since they request high lvl of cash per hour so its better to use redmage or blue mage tell your job lvl up.[/b]
      -Which nos item is the best to sell? you have always to look bazar and red speakers and see which people require or ask most the time, which make it hard to relay on any special item.
      -How good noswheel? i never noswheel but i had friend who wasted 8000 nosdollar just trying to get venus at end he got 3 out of 80 try, i would say use wheel when ever there is double wheel thats better deal and depends on the listed prize.
      - lvl 85 wand: people stop making lvl 85 wand since it request alot of time and money, which make them spam yerti raid for yerti wand lvl 85 and robber wand lvl 83.
      -playing pve: if you play anything you should always choose what you think it suit the place you play in something like, dont fight lvl 88 monster with weapon lvl 75 or sp +1 lvl 21 it will be simply poor and weak. [/b]
    • Ok, let me also try:
      - Leeching is expensive if you have a good leecher, 1m or even more is possible. You can try to find someone who is willing to help you if you also help, e.g. you could use holy to provide buffs and heal, that is even possible with low level.
      - I only know "wp" as "well played". There might be a Nos-term that I have currently forgotten, no idea.^^
      - If you want to farm items and sell them, the classics are wings of angels (drop everywhere in act 2 or act 3), full moons (can be obtained from playing lv5 at minigames, make sure that you get payed for playing if you are good) and ice flowers, which can be picked in act 4. These items should usually sell fast. You can, of course, also check the bazaar for other items and try to sell them, you can make more money with other items, but often times it takes a long time for them to get sold.
      If you want to buy items for real money and sell them, update scrolls and blessings should sell well.
      - NosWheel gives really great items, if you are lucky, and really bad ones if you are not. If you want to try it or not is up to you.
      - As a mage, you can use different cards for different tasks. For PvE, elemental damage is great, so you can use the opposite element. Here is a short overview on what card is good for what:
      SP1: Fire dmg, but slow and not mobile. Use SP6 if possible.
      SP2: Heal and buff. Also good light damage until you can use SP8.
      SP3: Water damage, nice buffs and nice damage. For PvE this might even be a little better than SP6, it depends on your play stile. SP6 has a bigger range and higher defense, but SP3 has more damage and nicer debuffs.
      SP4: Crit damage, speed and nice debuffs. Mostly for PvP or act 6, but also good against light mobs if you don't have SP7 yet. It uses the spell gun and not the wand, so you would not only need a strong wand but also a strong gun if you want to get strong with SP4.
      SP5: Fire, mobile, nice damage. The damage is a tiny bit lower than SP1, but the casting time and animations are a lot faster. Only problem: You need to get close to the enemies to do some of your damage, so you need a good defense and can't stay miles away from all danger.
      SP6: Big range, nice defense and buffs/debuffs. SP3 has more damage, SP6 has better defense. Furthermore, SP6 has a spell to pull enemies together, which is nice if you want to hit them all with your skills.
      SP7: Nice buffs, immortality, great for PvP. Also insane in PvE if you know how. Unless you are in act6, I would suggest this one against light monsters instead of SP4.
      SP8: Light, but not that much heal but rather damage. Skills don't deal that much damage at first glance, but have really short cooldown, so in the end you still do tons of damage. Downside is that the skills need tons of mana, you are usually out of mana lots of times until you get lv90+ equipment.

      For PvE, I suggest to take SP8 as an overall SP. If you go against certain elements (e.g. elemental raids), decide on either SP3 or 6 for water damage, use SP5 for fire and SP7 for shadow (SP7 is not that important than the other two).
      Of course you should also have the others and level them at some point, but give priorities to SP8 and the other three.

      For lv85 wands, Healer already explained quite well. The lv85 staff from act 3 is really hard to make and has bad stats compared to the Yerti staff. The Yerti staff is cool, so cool that you can even skip the lv90 staff, so everyone wants it. As it has a low drop rate, it is always sold out, you will have to pay lots of m for it.
      There are a light and a shadow version, I like the shadow version more (even when using SP8), because of the bigger softcrit, but it is up to you which one you prefer/can get.
      If you can get a good Yerti staff, you can keep it until the 92/93 item set. If you can't get it, get a good 88 staff (yes, even for PvE). The 83 staff is not that good, only get that if you really need it to get to 85/88 for the better staff.
      You can get the 85 (?) honorable robe if you want, that should work well until 90 or up to the 92/93 set. Yes, there are better ones in theory, but they are really hard to get, so unless you somehow have infinite gold or time, just go with honorable.