New account after ban

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    • New account after ban

      Hi. I recently got my account banned for reasons I do not agree with (EDIT, as I guess it is important: bot using). While the ticket is being contested, am I allowed to open another account in order to casually play? (nostalgia hit).

      From here: Multi-account on Cylloan (US?) Allowed or not?

      Bittersweet shared a part of the rules which regard this, with a comment:

      Once a user has been excluded, he may not register a new user account without the prior consent of Gameforge.

      This can certainly apply in some rare cases - but in general it's tolerated that people register another account after (or during a temporary) ban.

      I want to know if this is accurate, as I also plan on buying some nosdollars, and I don't want to get it banned and thus lose the nos$.


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    • just get new information and start away from old information, like email nick names, and dont do the reason you were banned for. in another level stay clean and nothing will come to you.
    • Eberardo wrote:

      Can't stay away from my IP though xD

      Once a user has been excluded, he may not register a new user account without the prior consent of Gameforge.
      you can spend your time watching sky and count stars tell they reply you.
    • In my personal opinion you should just send a ticket before creating another account,where you specify that you want to make another account and ask for permission.Otherwise you may get banned again as you are bassicaly breaking the rules if you dont let the GM's know.
      Should they accept then do it,should not,then play another game.Its not like Nostale is a must-play game or something.
      As for the not agreeing about bots being ilegal.
      The Rules give superficial reasons,like you may get other lowbies getting killed while your char is killing pii or something.
      The true reasons why bots are against the rules of the game is because of 2 giantic imbalances :
      1. PVE ( you are bassicaly able to do 1 man raids with all your alts,not like there are people that dont do this already,yes they are,but they are doing a bad thing since raids are supposed to be for 15 players not for 1,atleast w/o bots it became more challenging to solo raids,so you rarely see 1 man raids).
      2. PVP ( take your army of alts and conquer FC for yourself,obvious reasons are obvious).
      Now you might not agree and tell me there are many type of bots and such but i don't really care honestly,this game is broken already because of billion of alts player are allowed to make,so i can care less if, lets say,they legalize some hacks tommorow or something similar. :rocketlauncher:
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    • Actually one of the main reasons it isn't allowed is because it breaks the no afk leveling rule, and perhaps the no 3rd party software stuff(tampering). It is true that afk leveling not being allowed was stated to be a you are a threat to others scenario(pii, bees, etc) but no bots can easily be linked to that.

      Personally I'm against bots regardless of whether or not it impacts others, if you aren't playing then your character shouldn't be either. I mean just imagine the drain it would place on the servers if it was full of bots.

      He saying he didn't agree with it might also have meant he didn't consider himself to be using a bot, etc. Regardless bans aren't to be discussed on forums so we won't be able to get clarification on that.

      Personally I'd image making a new account would only be banned if it were recent to when your other accounts got banned(part of the process of banning all your multiaccounts). I don't think an autoban for your ip is set up(or at the very least it isn't maintained). So if it has been awhile you should be able to make a new account without even asking. If the ban is recent(and therefore weeding out multiaccounts is still in effect) then i would ask.

      While i wouldn't encourage it, logically registering IP sharing would make new accounts separate from your previous bans. That would involve lying though and it is always best to tell the truth. Well, perhaps SOME circumstances it might not be best. Like if some alien monster is looking for descendants of a family you are a part of to feast upon them for some sort of revenge, might be best to lie about your heritage in that case.
    • In this case it's fine to open a new account as long as you don't break the rules again.
      Not agreeing with a rule does not mean you won't get banned for breaking it, you are not supposed to disagree or agree with a rule you are supposed to simply follow the rule.

      Same way as you don't go off breaking laws in real life just because you disagree with some of those laws. You will still end up in prison if you break them.
    • It would seem kind of odd to not agree with the rule (and still play the game). I stated that I am challenging my ban in a ticket, as my not agreeing with the ban means the same as testifying as innocent (But I'm not discussing my ban reason there, only the creation of a new account.), I am well aware of why bots are "illegal" in nostale, hence why I don't use them. But I'm not discussing my ban reason there, only the creation of a new account.

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    • So I suppose that you received your reply now: Everyone can just open a new account if they stick to the rules and didn't get barred (which certainly isn't the case here). There's no need to inform us unless you have to register ip sharing (in case you share the connection with someone that plays as well, play in Internet Cafés...), because an old registration doesn't automatically include any new accounts (any of them requires a registration if you're required to register ip sharing). That's about it.

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