Bug basic ma skills upgrade

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    • Bug basic ma skills upgrade

      Sooooo... i was upgrading ma skills (because why not) and after i learned strengthen legs 1 (which should have dmg+lv/3 ) and this happened
      and the lv 2 of that upgrade should have increse hit rate by 50 and by lv/2....it only incrases by 50 just like it doesn't have the second effect.
      meanwhile for the basic fist it's the same as the first bug, instead of adding lv/3 dmg it remoove the initail valor (that'd be 15 basic) and i find it only lv/18 .-.

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    • After upgrading it with the lv 1 upgrade i saw that i did at max 200 dmg (usually divided in 20+50+100) while with the lv 2 upgrade i was able to do again 1-2k of dmg, for the fist i didn't notice the change because it's too little if there is some). (and btw the lv 2 upgrade for how is described it should increase atk and hit rate not double hit rate anyway)

      And I've also found an hidden effect about the upgrade of shockwave "invisible force" (i think it is it because it gained it after I've unlocked that) it just says that increase dmg&light dmg but it also make it have an Aoe of 3 cells