Martial Artist Stuff ''primary weapon-Secondary weapon and armour''

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    • Martial Artist Stuff ''primary weapon-Secondary weapon and armour''

      I tried to find information all around the internet and on the forum didn't find any except for the lvl 90 weapon in glacerus.
      Where do we find the martial artist Equipment I Don't want the raid only I wish to know the level of the item too. Its already hard to do dmg with a martial artist so I would like to know where I can get my futur items please :) So if anyone knows it would be great to know thanks in advance.
      I Don't know if there was any news about his sp2 but thats not my priority, I just wanna know where I can get the items to build myself and not wait that someone drops it and sell it :)
    • The Martial Artist equipment range from level 80 to Champion Level +45.

      Most are obtainable from raids but there are other ways you can get better equipment for the new class, such as buying from NPCs and producing from resources.

      Teoman Topp sells level 81 primary and secondary weapons and level 80 armour
      Elias (Desert Eagle City NPC) allows you to produce some level 87 - 96 from resources (Hot Leather, Hot Golden Thread, Earth Crystal etc.)
      Gold Merchant (Desert Eagle City NPC) will allow you to trade 20-35 gold coins for level 80 - 85 equipments.
      Some Champion Martial Artist equipment can be made using Ancelloan's Production Scrolls using resources and a non-champion weapon/armour (Holy Blood, Dark Energy Stones etc.)

      As far as I'm aware, the rest you can only obtain from completing raids, though I wouldn't know for certain without checking.