Information about US-Cylloan population

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    • Information about US-Cylloan population

      After a 10 years break from nostale i came back;
      coming from italian servers, where the life it's just impossible at moment, i saw online that lot of people appreciated the new US server.
      Everyone saying that it's very populated, low level area and activity full of people..
      Well i came there and i grind for some cuby seals.
      Tha'ts the third day that i try to spam this raid but i have a lot of difficulties because no one want to do it.
      And there are no low level that want to do it.
      All low levels i see are just "exp my fairy" characters.

      What's going on?
      I remember Long time ago after 1-2 years of realese, there were tons of people on low level areas (italian server)... how is it possible that in 1 year everyone it's playing the end game and there are no fresh noobies in low level areas?
    • Simple, because a long time ago max equip level was very low level and there was absolutely no reason to rush levels. I believe 85 equips were the best and they required a lot lot of farm. At the moment interesting nostale stuff starts at 88 with act6 and 90 with act5 raids and etc so everyone that joins the game and learns a bit about it, especialy now with double exp buff is just gonna fly through levels and rush 88/90 to start having fun in the game. Cuby and low level raids now are just for fam exp, small rep and ocasional contest and since everyone goes crazy with lola there's no real reason to do cuby
    • Ciri the Swallow wrote:

      What you get doing Lola?

      If you choose to open the Lola Raidbox, the prizes include: Fluffy Rabbit Costume, Fluffy Rabbit Ears, Lola PSP, Laurena Raidbox, Caligor Raidbox, Arena Chest, Wanderer’s Chest, and other event boxes such as Imp, Maru, and Foxy Raidboxes. If you obtain a different Raidbox from the Lola box that you opened, you get one of the usual prizes from that raid (For example, if you open the Lola Raidbox and get a Laurena box, you may get SP8, Laurena’s Hat, SP Perf gems etc.) So the prize range is particularly large.

      Though some players choose not to open the box. There’s a secondary quest you can obtain from the Raphael NPC in port. As a part of that quest you trade in Ginseng Leaf and your Lola Raidbox and, in return, receive a Tortoise box (Usually Herring/Health Potion prizes) and 5 Blue Gems (500k when sold to an NPC).

      For many in US, doing Lola will be a good source of income and would, to some extent, explain the reduced interest in other raids, such as Cuby. Hopefully, it will improve somewhat when the summer event ends.

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