Expansion on some game mechanics

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    • Expansion on some game mechanics

      These are various ideas to give some fresh air to the game:

      /!\ All of the new items required won't be tradable, neither in usual trade nor in Bazar trades, and cannot be dropped out on the ground. /!\
      /!\ On the stat suggestions, since they are thought to be secondary stats, i thought the final % success rate should be at least 5% or more, obviously is not up to me to decide /!\

      Let's start:

      1) Movement Speed:
      By using item drops, it could be possible to increase base movement speed.
      I thought about a level based system with different success rates, for example:

      Level 1: Speed+1. Rate of success X%
      Required level 20 or more, a specific item from act 1 and a specific new item "SpeedBoost1"

      Level 2: Speed+2. Rate of success Y%
      Required level 60 or more, a specific item from act 2/3/4, 5 "SpeedBoost1" and a specific new item "SpeedBoost2"

      Level 3: Speed+2, Rate of success Z%
      Required level 90 or more, a specific item from act 5/6, 10 "SpeedBoost1", 5 "SpeedBoost2" and a new specific item "SpeedBoost3"

      In case of failure you'd lose all the other bonuses you had before. To avoid that, in pure GF fashion, there is also a new Nosmall item: "SpeedBoostProtection"


      2) New stat: Resistance/Shield
      This one would be either above or under the current HP bar. "Resistance" would be a number equal to the sum of a % of both HP and MP.
      Basically an HP extension. This would be subtracted before pure HPs, plus it would grant X% damage reduction based on level (not char's level)

      Level 1: X% HP + X% MP, X% dmg reduction
      Level 2: Y% HP + Y% MP, Y% dmg reduction
      and so on.

      To craft these would be required various drops, a new item based on which level you need and some gold.
      I was thinking about something like 5kk gold for each try.

      In case of failure it may become blocked (like equipments) or could decrease 1 level (like pets). For that, nosmall item.


      An RNG system where equipments would have their stats increased by a %.
      This % goes from 1 up to 100 (for secondary stats it would be capped lower, like 50 or 70) and would be obviously based on base stats.
      % would be RNGs and could be "re-rolled"
      A reroll will always succeed, so no item losses, but it will mix-up your stats everytime and could end up lowering them too.
      If you want to block some stats at certain parameters for that specific reroll, new nosmall item with stacking effect.
      Every used one would block one stat.

      Every try would use Powder (the one you use for Resistances Sum), Sand (The one you use to upgrade) and gold.
      All of this works on partners equip too.
      With this you could have a purified 60/70 equip that could beat a non-purified 90 equip only with raw stats.

      Primary stats for equips (weapons and armour):
      -Hit Rate

      Secondary stats for equips:
      - Crit damage
      - Crit chance

      Primary stats for jewels, hats and gloves/shoes:
      -Max HP
      -Max MP

      Secondary stats for jewels:
      -Crit dmg reduction
      -Rec HP
      -Rec MP
      -MP cost reduction


      Hypotetic weapon 0% purification
      dmg 500<>600
      Hit rate 300

      50% purification
      dmg 500<>600 + 250<>300(50%) = 750<>900
      hit rate 300+150(50%)=450

      500<>600+500<>600(100%)= 1000<>1200
      hit rate 300+300(100%) = 600


      4) Specialist Upgrade

      When we'll get an SP they'll have stars, starting at 1, and up to 5/10. These will increase base stats, together with prefection stats (not resistances or maybe yes.)
      on a 5 star system it would be +25% every star, on a 10 star system it would be +10% every star. both cap at 100% this way.

      In case of failure there are the same results as uusal SP upgrading: lost soul or just couldn't upgrade.

      For every upgrade there will be required a minimum job level (from 21 up to 99,based on stars), materials from all the acts up to 6.2 and from raids up to 5.2, a lot of gold and new specific items

      Already existing protection can be used to avoid destruction, and it would work on partners specialists too.


      5) Increase of stats based on achievements
      Straightforward, a new NPC would give out missions that once completed will increase your char's stats.

      Complete 1 Cuby raid. Get +2 on every stat and +10 on HP/MP
      Complete 10 Cuby raids. Get another +2 stats and +10 HP/MP
      and so on. every completed mission would unlock a new one.

      other missions could be
      Provide to the NPC specific items. They could be already existing items from all 6 acts or new specific items.
      Obtain a certain number of succesful upgrades, with a different mission for each existing type of upgrade, plus the ones i suggested.
      Achieve in doing other incredible things, like killing or dealing X damage to a lot of players around your level that are not your other chars!

      Basically, upgrade your stats simply by playing, it can also go infinite with the right mindset from developers. Of course it will eventually take a really long time to complete even one mission.


      6) Specialists skills upgrade
      Basically having a skill-tree/upgrading our SPs skills like our base classes can already do.

      Required: drop items from act 4-6 (maybe even make it so you drop them during raids) and gold.

      Every skill would have 3 branches

      1st branch would give upgrades to range, Area, Cast Time, CD and MP costs
      2nd branch would upgrades to both types of damage
      3rd branch would upgrade Buffs,Debuffs and other effects, for example the "Move the enemy away 4 units"

      Only one branch can be selected for each ability, and each have more than one upgrade.

      Each skill should have up to 4-5 upgrades with different success rates.
      In case of failure the level of the upgrade would decrease by 1.

      In case of skills that don't have buffs or extra effects, they could get extra ones (like the Martial Artist can upgrade one of his kicks to get bleeding/stun)
      In case of skills with already low cooldowns, there would be a balanced increase on other parts like range and Area of effect.
      In case of buff-based skills with no damage, like holy buffs, it would just have the damage branch locked or it would instead give out new effects like slight HP regen or something like that. Obviously they will be different from the 3rd branch effects.

      I hope that you enjoy this post :)
    • Well i like the idea of specialist skills upgrade. It makes playstyle for each individual unique, or atleast different from others. Of course people who dislike this would be like "hmm nah too OP, pls stop", but u know, when it comes to balancing, if there are buffs, there are also nerfs. In other words, u have this, u lose that.

      BTW, pls make costume/skin for each specialist also, summer costume/skin for sp1, sp2, ect... for swordies, archers, mages :D Why? Because u can actually squeeze our wallets :)

      But back to reality tho, it sucks. This would never happen.
    • Instead of upgrading SP abilities, I'd much rather have an SP augment your abilities in your normal form. Normal form could use some buffs anyway since we don't have SE skills.

      Maybe fire mage adds some bonus element to normal form fire attacks and volcano could let you bypass a little fire resistance. Though whether this only works while equipped or as long as you've got it in your inventory I'm not sure about...