The screen doesn't follow me anymore

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    • Jekyll wrote:

      Morry wrote:

      A little lifehack found on RU: sometimes it helps to loot everything that lays on the ground to bring the camera back. But not for a long time, for when you can, you should relog.
      The problem is - when this bug happens you cant see some loot (that drops after triggering the bug)
      Yeah, this solution is not perfect, but it helps sometimes. If you can't loot but you're not alone on the map, you can ask someone else to loot everything, it would also help you.
    • Kinishinai wrote:

      Uncommon gotta be on people who don't play or are not so active, people that go online do one IC and log off, come later to do LoD and log off again. Basically everyone that I know in game and is active for long periods of time complains about the bug
      And although looting does help you won't be able to loot what causes you the bug, so have fun in IC having a bad screen until someone picks everything that causes you to bug
      Probably, I guess. Either way (as I said before) its reported, hardly matters if I think its uncommon or common xD I mostly meant it with majority - minority and again hardly matters if I think its minority who gets the bug or not, its a major/game breaking bug either way.
    • I've seen this a lot, especially in lod. Looting all the loot near your character usually helps or shit+tab etc

      Tyvm for the Epic Siggy Darkness !~
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