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  • So nostale just crashed, or ' finished ' about 20 minutes ago. Everyone was kicked off, any news on this? =O I noticed I still had the pots I consumed in the raid, odd.

    Tyvm for the Epic Siggy Darkness !~
    Mage-josh218 Lv 90 |Rm +9|Holy +11| Bm +10|Dg+5|Volcano+5|Tl|Seer+Eight|Pirate +15|Chicken+14|Pj+13|Jaja+5
    Archer-Josh2180 Lv 84|Ranger + 5| Sin+13| Des|Wk +1|Scout|Pj +9
    Swordsman-YoshiXD Lv 78 |War + 6|Blade + 4|Sader + 10| Zerk +5|Glad|Pj +9
    Adventurer-Josh21801 Lv 70|Pirate +15|Pj +13