[Feedback] Explorer Challenge Contest

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    • hazarbaba wrote:

      Just 1 onyx or are they for every one question? And if it is just for 1 person is not it too long for a event like that?
      Just for one person. Only three players from Nostale.en will receive prizes from this contest: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

      A month is a reasonable time for a contest like this one, specially if you take in count the prizes.

      TheHealersGod wrote:

      how dose rewards work? every server alone? i mean top 3 of every server or all server's to gather ?
      Servers won't be divided in this contest. The contest was designed to allow all players to participate and have the same chances to win, even if they're playing in less populated servers.

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    • There are any consolation prizes for everyone who joined this event and reach a specific amount of correct answers?
      I mean a consolation prize like a Event Box or something (I knew this from DE Servers, mostly everyone who join a in Game Event get a consolation prize for trying)

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    • To all players:

      Remember that the contest says: "Weird spots that could be located in several maps, but only looks the same in one."

      So that means that you could find a few spots that looks similar, but only one looks exactly the same as the picture.

      However, if you find one that really looks the same with no difference, please send me screenshots or the location of the spots via PM, query or ticket and we will check it (Don't post it here or in a public chat). If it really looks the same, we will admit both answers as the correct one. If not, you have to check again because it could look similar, but not the same.

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    • i still havent found the npc(?) in misty valley and the npc(?) with angel wings in shanera dungeon -2 (i was serious looking for a npc with angel wings), so it isnt exactly the same as on the screenshot.
      also i didnt took notice of the background of the flag.

      thumps down for this event
    • As long as characters can't be included as a part of the map and players usually know the difference between NPC, player and fairy/pet/partner, I don't think it would make a difference.

      It was stated in the contest that the spots in those maps could be similar and only one looks the same. Just like it was stated that you should check your answer and not to hurry.

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    • I was also confused of the little part of the wing on day 7. I was looking also for an NPC with angel wings or something similar like that and did not found anything. But then I figured out that this was simply just the wing of a fernon fairy which the GM probaly has equipped.

      I don't know if this was planned with that wing thingi, but it was confusing yes.^^" If this wasn't the plan, it would be helpful if the GM dont have a fairy equipped for the left days clues. :)
      If the GM is full on the screen, like on day 3, or maybe full head or at least the whole fairy, thats fine. But that piece of the wing was very tricky. :D

      Q-Arch wrote:

      i still havent found the npc(?) in misty valley
      U simply can't found one, cause there is no one. Thats the GM which took the screen. lol
      It's to see on the green circle under the Charakter, that this is the Player and not a NPC. NPC's dont have green circles (only in Timespaces if they join your group for the mission "Protect NPC")

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    • It was planned to be like that, since there's no NPC with that kind of wings. However, if it is too confusing we'll check if there's more clues with wings or things that shouldn't be visible or you can't say that are players/pets/etc and not a NPC, so you don't get confused with fairies and stuff that shouldn't be there. Thanks for the feedback to both o/

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    • NarutoDreams wrote:

      Hi. At 6th clue i did typed Enchanted Patchway insteand of Enchanted Pathway by mistake , but thats the map i meant to say , can it be taken as correct?Thanks

      Steffie wrote:

      You only have one chance to reply, so we won't take in count a second reply if you change your mind about the answer. Think carefuly before replying, you won't receive more points for being faster, except in case of tie.
      so no ;s

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