[CONTEST] Explorer Challenge

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    • Information about Challenge

      Unfortunately the board wasn't online for a while, therefore we will accept your e-mails about Clue 30 (above)
      until 19 September 2018 12 am CEST (midnight)

      Afterwards we'll publish (another) Clue 29 for you to send in! (everything we received regarding the old Clue 29 before the forum down just will be deleted of course)

      sexier than Morgoth
    • Final Score & Information about the tie

      Hello folks

      We apologize for the delay, but after an agonizing struggle and a long time checking your points, we're glad to announce that we have the final scores, as you'll be able to see in the tables below. Except for players that could be disqualified for using multiaccounts to participate in the contest, these are the final scores:

      People with 30/30 score Possible prize/s
      !Tenebrae!, Yumiix, Yuffie, »sn0w«, F!R3B0W, DaiNiFei, timekeeper, Irisviel™, Lunarwaves, Kinishinai, Tlacenka, Kirsty987, krazer21_nosUK, Rikona 1st Place: Onyx wings + Cuby in Bead
      2nd Place: Skelekat Groom + Magic Bone Drake Chest + Erenia's Medal
      3rd Place: Frost Warrior Costume Set + Magic Jaguar + Adventurer's Medal

      Correct answers Winners Prize/s
      30-28 !Tenebrae!, Yumiix, Yuffie, »sn0w«, F!R3B0W, DaiNiFei, timekeeper, Irisviel™, Lunarwaves, Kinishinai, Tlacenka, Kirsty987, krazer21_nosUK, Claw10, Gabryel301, XsafouaneX, DARKHOME, Irelia, darkness-metal, urmelkorn, Didicow, Ellyj, Ryûkan, ¤Luffy¤, KSJs, MARIOQQ, Rikona Erenia's Medal*
      27-20 -maximus-, Enzo_fer, Painless, SeksuDesu Adventurer's Medal
      19-10 Tianhrya, Laurie, Popchin, archerTHEsin, YukiGongJu, Poeshii, Larryabc, Consequence, ChinTH, Kami~, Lawkett<3, Meokai, UrCandy<3, Lyndis, Elvina, benho Event Box + Adventurer's Knapsack (10 Days/Event)
      * Erenia's Medal is guaranteed if you either have only 29-28 correct answers or don't win one of the first three prizes during the tie

      Regarding mistakes with the score:
      You have until October 09 at 23:59 CEST to object any kind of mistake with your score via conversation/private message in the board. Please remember to object those mistakes even if you don't have 30 points, because this score will change the consolation prize that you will receive at the end of the contest. We won't accept more objections after this date.

      Regarding the tie:
      - As you can see, we have 13 players involved in a tie (this concerns everyone mentioned in the 1st table above). All those players need to talk with us to set a date and time to solve the tie.
      - All the players with 30 points must send a conversation/private message in the forum to me (Bittersweet) which has to contain: Your character name and your server. We will add all those players to a single conversation to set a perfect date and time for everyone.
      - Please take in count that you need to keep checking your board account and your messages until we set an official date.
      - You have until October 09 at 23:59 CEST to send this message, otherwise we won't take in count your objections to the date. Don't wait until the last day to join.
      - Once that we set an official date, it will be announced in the board, with new instructions.

      If you have more questions, you can ask in the following thread: [Questions] Explorer Challenge Contest

      Here you can find the detailed result in a .pdf document: ExplorerChallenge_Results.pdf

      sexier than Morgoth
    • General important information about the tie:

      The screenshot will be posted in here as usual at on the date and time the participants received by PM.
      You can search for it only by playing the character you choose to participate in the contest with.
      Of course seeking help from others to search along with you and gaining advance by the usage of prohibited servers or programs isn't permitted.

      Different from the original contest we ask you to make a screenshot of the place you're supposed to find once you found it and send it along with the e-mail as an attachment (to event@nostale.co.uk)
      What will count is the time where you shot the screenshot - not the time the e-mail arrives.
      Like before the name of the map, character name + server are expected to be found in the e-mail too as usual.

      Good Luck to all of the participants :)

      sexier than Morgoth
    • Hello there!

      First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest and participation in this contest. We didn't expect the contest to be so popular, but we're glad you liked it and, even when it took more time than it was expected due to the amount of people participating, we're glad to announce that after taking some time to check before telling you the winners, we can finally tell you the results:

      [3rd Place] Kirsty987 (UK)
      [2nd Place] Tlacenka (US)
      [1st Place] Yumiix (UK)
      Regarding the other players involved in the tie and all those players with 10 or more correct answers, as it was stated you will receive a consolation prize. However, we have to warn you that some players got disqualified, most of them for using multiaccounts to participate, so if you don't receive your prize, you can object this decision and tell us if there's a mistake via ticket system or private message in the forum.

      Prizes will be sent via mailbox/parcels, but take in count it could take a few days. If there's a mistake in your nickname or server, you won't be able to receive it, so please check all the infomation again.

      If you want to give your opinion and suggestions about the contest, you can do it in the following thread: [Feedback] Explorer Challenge Contest

      Best regards
      NostaleUK team
    • All prizes have been sent out to your parcels now. If you didn't receive anything you were most likely identified as someone participating with more than one account without registered ip sharing. In case you wish to object to this please submit a ticket: support.nostale.co.uk/

      Otherwise we thank you for participating and all your feedback. We noticed that some things didn't run that smoothly yet and there were some missunderstanding we will certainly take into account for upcoming contests. Still we hope that the prizes are to your liking and that you had some fun finding the spots as well :)

      sexier than Morgoth