Sp3 and Sp4 Questline Difficulty

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    • Sp3 and Sp4 Questline Difficulty

      Hello, i have done those sp3 and sp4 quests like billions and i realized how difficult are they. Even Sp5-6-8 are not that hard to have. Sp7 is harder but it is not about you. And I think sp3-4 (especially sp3) drop rate should be raised. After the martial artist more user came back online and not all of them have 80 level accounts to create one of them. There is a buff for it but you can not do that much thing with those Sps especially if you are archer and swordie, you cant even join a family because of it. Thanks
    • i dont think game will be enjoyable if things go easy, and you always got the choice to keep going in quest of farm cash and bought an sp card. about family matter the character has just released and its normal that nobody would invite often, because a lot just made the character and relaying on family to level up without having res or help to lure.
      i am sure it will take sometime tell new class be much useful.