Special maintenance - 09.08.18 13.00h CEST

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    • Special maintenance - 09.08.18 13.00h CEST


      We will have a special maintenance today, 09/08/18 at 13.00h CEST, in order to fix an issue with the NosBazar.
      When purchasing or retrieving items there, some players didn't get the item (but the gold was spent anyway).

      The maintenance should not take very long, but the game servers will be unavailable for around 2 hours.
      We will let you know as soon as they will be available again.

      For those of you who had this issue (you didn't get the item you were trying to purchase or retrieve in the NosBazar), please contact our game team via ticket.

      Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience.

      Your NosTale Team