Maintenance - 08.08.18 (New class update!)

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    • Maintenance - 08.08.18 (New class update!)

      Hey NosPlayers,

      Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

      When exactly? Wednesday August 8th 2018 from 09:00h to approximately 12:00h CEST. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
      What will be changed?
      - [Update] A new character class will be added to the game: The Martial Artist. Please find more details below and more information tomorrow on our website.
      - [Change] The max level for pets and partners is now the player's level (does not apply for pet/partner food).
      - [Shop changes] Due to the new class, there will be a few adjustments in the NosMall (a few costumes that are still not usable by the new class will be removed, and there will be a new starter package for the new class).

      Your NosTale-Team

      IMPORTANT: In order to avoid patching issues, we recommend to start patching the client only after the maintenance end has been announced.
    • New Character Class – ‘Martial Artist’

      How to Play the New Class
      • You can create a Martial Artist if you have another character on your NosTale account which has reached at least level 80
      • Only one Martial Artist may be created per account and server
      • If you delete your Martial Artist, you can only create a new one on that server after 30 days
      Skills and Level
      • Newly created Martial Artists start at level 81 and job level 1
      • All basic skills are learned and available immediately
      • Plus skills can be added as your job level increases
      Starting Conditions
      • Martial Artists start with the quest in Act 4
      • On logging in for the first time, characters receive a starter kit in their inventory containing untradeable equipment and other useful items
      • On logging in for the first time, Martial Artists also receive a quest for SP1 which differs from the previous SP quest line
      • The new class only has a main weapon to begin with; the developers plan to add a secondary weapon later
      Experience for All Classes
      • Once the new class has launched, all characters will receive 100% extra experience (except for completing quests) up to level 80. This buff disappears once you hit level 81
      • NPCs appear in the towns to explain the buff in more detail
      • At this time, Martial Artists cannot wear any of the existing costumes, and can only wear some of the hats. Many designs will be made available to the new class at a later date
    • The maintenance is now over! We hope you will have a lot of fun with the new class :)

      We would also like to inform you about a couple changes that were not mentioned above, and that are also included in this patch:
      • The following raid boxes were changed to include equipment for the new class: Desert Robber Band, Kertos the Demon Dog, Valakus King of Fire, Fire God Grenigas, Lord Draco, Glacerus the Ice Cold, Incomplete Fernon, Yertirand.
      • The level ranges of Raid TimeSpaces were changed (increased) to 30-45, 40-55, 50-65, 60-75, 70-85.
      Have fun!