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    • Supporting the log in

      :) Hello everyone :)

      i was playing nostale and i had some log in trouble's with moving from account to account,then it came to my mind gameforge account:

      i do like the idea of having gameforge account that allow me to log into all gameforge games: elsword,soulworker,nostale,etc,etc, but i kind ya dont find it helping me as multiplayer who is using more than 1 ID in same game, we are today in world of speed and if speed was slow you will never improve something good, i am not saying that its internet problems or pc problems nope not at all, its about the way how log in works, its kind ya slow when you move from ID to ID or from channel to channel or sometimes ends by kicking you totally out of game.
      i found some points maybe you would like to agree and maybe not:
      • if i need to change to another account i need to turn off the current game.

      • if i need to switch to another ID/email i am forced to remove the choice remember me to put another email.
      • if i try to switch from character to character sometimes its disconnected.
      • if i am disconnected why dose not game open the log in window back randomly?
      • gameforge account seem to be useless and people still using 3~5 email or maybe even more.
      • people love's to play multi all time, why not make game able to open more than 1 in pc? we already knows that more than of 70% from gamers in nostale using unsafe programs to run nostale (where is the player privacy)?
      i was thinking of things like what if gameforge account allow me to log to all accounts in this way:
      1. gameforge email

      2. all ID shown below

      3. i chose ID (ID 3)

      4. i chose character (C-3)

      5. channel list appear (channel

      6. i chose channel (channel 5)

      7. i confirm
      then i am online in game.

      system dose not have to be this complicated, it should be simple and fast
      :saint: i wish you best of luck and thank you :saint:
    • Doesnt seem too bad.. but your link isn't working btw

      Tyvm for the Epic Siggy Darkness !~
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    • From what I could find on Google, it seems like top4top is a file sharing site, and people have shared malicious files there in the past, thus some programs block it.
      I'll try to include the image here directly, instead of as a link, hope that helps visibility:

      You can directly include an image by using

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      in your post.

      About the suggestion, part of it got already suggested and forwareded to the developers (namely that you shouldn't have to log in again completely when changing channels and getting kicked).
      For the others, we have the Feedback thread, I think your suggestions are better off there, if they haven't already been suggested.