DC and Channel switch

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    • DC and Channel switch

      The new log in system is more or less good, I want to propose 1.channel switch system so you can switch channel without having to Server Select, maybe it will reduce the "That account is already connected" and 2. when you get dc next time you log in the char to be logged off.
    • First part of suggestion is already forwarded.

      "The account is already connected" issue is not really something that can be fixed as it is just about the connection response health, when you log off at that second the server still thinks you are online. It doesn't always happen anyway even if it does happen often.

      When you get a dc it's about the same, it takes some time for the server to read that the connection is lost to log off your character (takes about 2-3-5 minutes usually?). Unless you meant when you dc and try to log back in it show the message "account already connected" but forces the account to log off so on second attempt you can log in successfully without waiting.

      PS: In the second case we have to also include the time your router/net connection will need to be able to give the signal to the server that it went kaput.