Rainbow battle rework (War mode)

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    • Rainbow battle rework (War mode)

      Hi,i recently readed about this idea from nostale IT and i want to translate it for you to know if you like it (because i do)

      First there's going to be added 2 guild items: "peace treaty" and "declaration of war"(they can be bought from Mimi mentor at X gold cost).

      If a guild master uses the declaration of war he will send a note to another guild master with the message "We want to start a war"; if the other guild master accepts the deceleration the two guild are officially in war(if he refuse than the declaration will be consumed anyway) .That means that every guild member can do a pvp versus every enemy guild members in almost any map(of couse not in event-raid-maps full of aggressive mob,in another plan it could be added a new map which has only this purpose). By doing so every killed enemy grants fxp, but if it's the guild master that is killed than it also gives a Xh(that goes between 1h to 12h) buff to all members of the guild :"War's adrenaline"(buff lv 99-don't disappear at death) which increases random stat per X% (it may be atk/def/exp/gold/item/exc.. rate).

      If the leader that started the war uses the peace treaty the war will end and will give a buff(buff lv 99-don't disappear at death)to both guild
      Re-found peace : "you're feeling in peace and you don't have any intention to start any other war; increase defence and attack and by 1%" lasts 24h (to differentiate it from the malus exhusted , look at it like a prize for being peaceful)

      Anyway a war can last only X days (you're not going to have the malus re-found peace if you do a complete war because you don't offer any "peace",anyway you're going to have "exhausted" for 24h )
      Exhausted(malus lv 99 -don't disappear at death):You fell exhausted after a long war ,you lack the forces to start another one.

      Oh i forgot about it xD anyway it's a bit different in what i've written and the new map that may be added it could be easily this one . Ok now i'm going to change the title of the thread @TheHealersGod so it isn't going to make misunderstanding

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    • as a support for @Niko thread i would suggest those idea to help improve the family experience points (FXP),
      we have in game 4 ranking:
      how ever for 1,2,3 we know that top 3 of every section has different reward, which leave a question here what point from FXP system for family without reward?
      i do suggest what if:
      -the best family who gather highe FXP in a month earn a reward something like: 10mil first place, 5mil 2ed place and 2mil for 3rd place.
      -here comes another question...how would you split this 10mil for family from 100 member?
      i would say give the top 10 family members who gathered higher FXP.
      -something like this might push the members to do many different things instead afk all day or just do fc raid.

      best of luck