Sharing Return Point to Party Members

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  • Sharing Return Point to Party Members

    I would like to know whats the requirement to share the return point for party members, because sometimes there are times when I can't share my return point to people and says that "You cannot share the point of return with others." Happens usually with points of return in desert or act 6.
  • there is no requirement but when you share a point:
    1-the other side should be in general map
    2-map is same act map
    3-if the other side in nosvile but cant accept the return point just let him change his point in nosvile:
    simple i cant accept a shared point i will use my own wing of return and go to nosvile again then i will be able to accept the point.
    question: when dose points cant be accepted?
    it happens when someone had points in act5 or act6 then he return to eagle city/mortaz desert/act6 and ancollen.
  • as healer said, you need to be within the same act.

    so if you need to share a 5.1/5.2 point go to ret to sp6 first then to d.eagle and finally share the desired point
    as a side note, sp5 cave does not work anymore.

    acts 1, 2, 3, and act 6 are all returnable.