Server Selection bug

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    • Server Selection bug

      There's an annoying but that happens to me like 70% of the time I try to switch servers. I press Server Selection and then I get a popup with a text that goes something like "Your account is already logged". With the old client it was at a bit better cause you could just re-enter your username and password fast. But with the new login system it just closes the client so you have to re-open everything. It's very annoying, anyone else encountered this?
    • That is a simple response issue, basically when you log off the request to log off for whatever reason is delayed so the server for that second thinks you are still logged in.
      I actually have encountered a lot of MMOs that got this issue but I agree on the part where it throws you completely out now with the new GF master account, we already suggested to them to change that part so hopefully something will be done soon.
    • We are aware of that issue, it has been forwarded. It mainly happens on the US server because the servers are actually located in the USA and not in Europe, therefore we have a higher delay there.

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