Volcano (volcanic roar skill) bug

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    • Volcano (volcanic roar skill) bug

      This is the first time it happends to me. Every time I use Volcanic Roar to a bunch of enemies (the lure for example at lod) the damaged is done propertly but the target which i'm marking does not match with the target I land to. I travel randomly to an enemy. GM Racordany has seen this problem already. Does anyone have the same bug/problem? Actually i thought that changing volcano (sold one and got a new one) would end this bug but it's still there. Any kind of solution???!
    • Does this only happen in LoD or also on other maps?
      Could you, for example, try to roar at the low level mobs in Nosville and see what happens; or make a lure on another map with aggressive mobs?
      Is it possible that you jump to the place where the mob was when you casted the skill (just that the mob moved away because it was lured), or does it seem completely random?
      Did you have lags or other issues?