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    • You need a certain amount of players (on both sides, if I remember correctly) to be in FC for the points to increase.
      So even if a few people are going there from time to time, if there aren't enough there at the same time, you will not get a raid, sorry.
      How do you know that it is not about the people not going, do you have numbers on people in fc on both sides?
    • kedrik2 wrote:

      I will be the one to address the elephant in the room. We haven’t had a raid in 2 days.. what is actually going on? Because I know it’s not because people don’t go...
      Taking 1 side from game to play all time will make you sick, this what others do is change all time. you could push fc in your own if you want~ find a way to move 30 player to FC and you will be fine.