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    • Whyyyyy is being afk in AOT allowed? This game mode isn’t even based on a good pvp team anymore. It’s either you are with a good team that’s actually there or you get the crappy end of the stick. With a team that’s afk. I don’t think it’s right and something needs to be enforced. People just using to farm their trash alts. Pleaseee do something about this.. I know I’m not the only one that has an issue with this.
    • Fundamentally this is posted in the Q&A section so your answer...(although not a good affirming answer):

      It is allowed because it was never stated in the game rules since rules are not always updated w/ patches. This also touches upon the issue that multiclients are allowed in UK/US which is why afking is more common. No rules on multiclients --> see more afking everywhere.

      This isnt the proper section to have something done to address this issue - should be moved to suggestions. To solve the afk issue in AoT is easy, but i think you're voicing a deeper concern which is about multiclients. In order to enforce rules for multiclients is almost unrealistic/impossible which is why this remains a large issue as well.
    • I get your point and can a MOD please move this post to the right section? Please and thanks you in afvance. It was generally a question which is why I posted here. In my opinion AOT reminds me of a mini game mode of a bunch of pvp team based games. In those games at the end of each session you have the option to report players for their performance (if needed). Being afk in a team based game is almost a no brainer 90% of he time the team With the afk player loses. To make sure everyone has a good chance in getting rewards. I think some kind of QA should be implemented at the end of each session. If at all possible, I don’t think this has anything to do with multi clienting. If you can’t play all of the characters then why make all of them join. Simple. That’s not an excuse to be afk in AOT...
    • ariyoshi wrote:

      To solve the afk issue in AoT is easy

      Not really...
      If you have an easy solution, feel free to share it.

      People do AoT for the gold, the exp and the PvP-fun. The ones that are afk only care about the first two points.
      But we can't just go and get rid of these, because then almost no one would do AoT anymore (below lv80) and the few that want it will never find a team.
      See for example the rainbow battle. It is a really nice PvP-group-event, everyone who is a fam leader can invite players (also from other fams) and join; but still, almost no one is doing it, because it gives practically no reward.

      The idea to report players after AoT is also problematic. It is not possible to see from screens if a player is really afk or not, so we need an automated system to recognize (and possible also penalize?) such players. I can only imagine the problems coming with such a system, e.g. someone going invisible and waiting for the called players to finish the enemy is suddenly considered afk, etc.
      You can of course suggest someting like this, but I think the chances of it happening are rather low.

      As a general advice, I would not have this thread moved to the suggestion section, as it starts with a complaint about afks and only partial suggestions are posted later in anwers.
      It might be better to make a detailed suggestion, think about the pro and contra and post it in a new thread.