S>Overall SL 8 %PvP 72lv Shell, B>88 Armor R7+8/9

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    • S>Overall SL 8 %PvP 72lv Shell, B>88 Armor R7+8/9

      Honorable Sword R7+8 (Shell 40% crit dmg 6% PvP dmg, SL DEF 9)
      Honorable Crossbow War 88 R7+7 with Overall SL8 and SL DMG 11 (might trade for SL dmg, overall sl ballista)
      Fake Sword R7+10 Clean Shell (in nb)
      %Crit damage, %PvP damage S-% Damage R7 Weapon Shell, in Nosbazar
      Shell Lv72 R7 for wep. 23% PvP Dmg, decrease %pvp def 19%, Overall SL8, SL DEF 10) its in NB
      75 Sword R7+8 Clean no shell - in nb
      92 Xbow R7+7 clean shell
      Monk 99+14
      88 War Armour R7+8/9 preferably with a good shell but can buy with no shell or with weak one

      Currently taking offers, Note me in-game Goku~

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