Most efficient way to spend money

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  • Most efficient way to spend money

    Hello guys

    So I recently came back to nostale after quitting for 2 years(due to an unfair ban xD) i made a new account,obviously, on the US server and the idea of doing it all over again is putting me off.
    I decided to spend a ''little bit'' of money in the game but im not sure what are the most profitable items for me to buy and sell ingame.
    So if u have any suggestiongs that'd be great :D
  • first dont ever spin the wheel, then heres some names for best nosmall sell in US:
    1- 50% Fairy's
    2-Fairy bead
    3-golden cc
    4-bet amulets
    5-wedding box
    6- separation letter
    7-initialization potion
    better to not bother with lower sp scroll,higher sp scroll,upgrade scroll,speaker.
    or you can just sell in game to who ever cry for nosdollar.
  • So if you're buying nosd realize the following:

    1. dont sell it at a rate, everyone resells so its the minimum
    2. you can sell the items in basar at a certain rate - but you will be competing with resellers
    3. only spend to buy items you need directly and cannot get anywhere else - for example the bundle packs are good if you're going to play long term (the costume is for clvling and rare in daily box)