NosTale: Your Master Account

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    • NosTale: Your Master Account

      Hi all,

      As you may have noticed, the NosTale ORG community will get an update in the next few days that will offer players the possibility, if they choose to do so, to log in using the new Gameforge account.
      This new system makes it easier to log in, as it has the option to remember the password and to manage all your NosTale accounts under one single Gameforge account (with email and password).

      Our plan is to implement this update in the next few weeks in all NosTale communities. We will of course keep you informed.
      In the mean time, you will find more details and answers to the most commonly asked questions in this FAQ.

      Your NosTale Team

    • Tomorrow we’ll be presenting you with a new login process. This will allow you to log into NosTale using a master Gameforge account, making the login process easier for you and allowing you to manage your NosTale accounts in one place.

      The process only takes a few clicks and offers you the following benefits:
      • You can log in and easily access all your NosTale accounts with just one email address and password.
      • The new remember password function lets you log in without having to recall your password each time.
      • You will be logged in automatically when you start NosTale.
      • If you have multiple NosTale accounts, you will be able to manage and access them all through your Gameforge account.
      • You can create new accounts more easily and save them to your Gameforge account.
      Find answers to all your questions in the FAQ:


      Your feedback is very important, you can share your thoughts here on the forum: [Feedback thread] New Gameforge Master Account
      And in case you are having technical difficulties, please read this and do not hesitate to contact us if the issue persists: [FAQ] New Gameforge Master Account
    • NosPlayers,

      with today's maintenance we also got a new version of the Gameforge login, with the following changes:

      - Technical changes in order to improve the general stability of the launcher, and resolution of launcher issues like:
      • [Bugfix] It was not possible to install the client after changing the name of the installation directory.
      • [Bugfix] The client was not starting if the session file was corrupt: Now it will start without a remembered session.
      - Visual changes and improvements:
      • The launcher icon will now show the same one as the game (the NosTale client icon).
      • Long email addresses will now fit in the screen.
      • [Bugfix] Some links displayed in the login page were overlapping in some languages.
      - Improvements concerning the login flow. For example:
      • [Bugfix] Sometimes the Gameforge account was not remembered after logging out.
      We will of course continue working on improving the login process. Thank you all for your feedback!

      Your Gameforge Team