Linking old accounts to steam

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    • Linking old accounts to steam

      is it possible to link an old non-steam account to steam?
      I wanted to play an old Nostale account on the steam program, but opening Nostale on steam skipped any login section and took me straight to server selection. is there a way to play my non-steam account on steam?
      Main Characters:
      Name/LV and class/Role/SPs Obtained

      Timewind: LV 62 Mage; Main Everything Mage; 1 RM, 3 HM, 1 BM, 1 JJ
      Flara: LV 49 Swordie; Fire focused Swordie; 1 Warrior
      BlazeShot: LV40 Archer; Destroyer Only;
      Hazemaster: LV 31 Swordie; Character for Nosdyssy;
      Slenda: LV 35 Archer; Character for breaking alot of TS Records; LV 51+6 Ranger
      Wikano: don't care, just extra storage ATM