Blacklisted options improvement

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    • Blacklisted options improvement

      I believe that blacklisting options should be improved, so as people can "get rid" of people they simply don't want to communicate with or see.
      Instead of the current situation, where blacklisting just limits the general chat, raids, party, whispers, I propose the fallowing :

      - Make blacklisted chars invisible to one another. (If I black list you, I can't see you, and neither can you see me.)
      - Remove any possible interaction between both parties. (Cannot attack in arena, cannot interfere with your gameplay what so ever)

      The whole idea is, once you blacklist the person, he/she simply stops existing for you, and you don't have to be bothered by he/she ever again.
      Why ruin my gameplay because of toxic / stupid people ? If we hate each other so much to blacklist ourselves, why not simply make it so, we don't ever interact with each other again ?

      P.S - Increase the number of possible blacklists to infinite. I have mine on full, and I'm not half as done with blacklisting the people I don't want to contact.

      If people approve of this suggestion, I courage you to like, comment or whatever.
    • Can't say it's a bad idea I mean after all the only result of any sort of interaction with a person you dislike will be trouble to say the least.
      The whole issue is sure you don't see General/whisper etc from that person but there are other ways for someone to taunt you. (Especially in the arena)

      Not sure about increasing it to infinite I am guessing they put a limit for a reason but for sure they could increase the number of people you can black list a bit.
    • I admit to having a few issues with this proposal.

      1. How will we address the issue of loot vanishing from blacklisted players picking it up(mainly in IC). How will we know if we should report possible loot hacks, or if it is just a ton of blacklisted people.

      2. This would create a very unfair FC and SP7 raid situation. It may also create an unfair rainbow crystal battle situation, though since I've never participated in that i can't say for certain.

      3. How will this affect typical raids? Will you simply not be allowed to join a raid if you've blacklisted or have been blacklisted by someone in the raid, or will there be an invisible member in the raid?

      4. I've never participated in Act6, and honestly i don't remember much about it.... Did it also have PvP environments? If it does, same issues as with frozen crown.

      5. Would this not severely affect Ice Breaker?
    • It would also make grief play a lot worse. An invisible player luring a ton of moths over to you and going into a friend's miniland while you are pigeon farming.... All you'd see is a ton of moths coming towards your direction for no apparent reason.

      Keep in mind that you don't have to be the one who blacklisted in this situation. Someone could blacklist you beforehand just to gain invisibility while performing such actions. Sure they can't see exactly where you are, but if they know you are pigeon farming they know a general drop off location to get you attacked.
    • the whole thing sounds silly and not rlly planned out, unable attack ppl in pvp? so fc is classed as pvp, blacklist all 1 side free kill to open raid, can be abused in pvp blacklist and unblacklist repeatedly to gank, and wasnt sure how some 1 you have blacklisted attacking you in arena is interfereing with your gameplay when its an open pvp arena, maybe you have confused this game for a 1player game and not a mmorpg, overall only plausable suggestion is inc blacklist limit, ps laughable part is author of post encouraged ppl to quit nostale and not wants likes on this post......