Priority guide lvl 1-99

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    • Priority guide lvl 1-99

      Good morning, I have always asked the question of priorities you have to have as we play at different levels and I would like to know what others think. For example:

      Lv1-30: Do missions, get lots of potions and snacks to make the first sp.

      Lv31-40: After having the first sp continue with the missions and save money for resistances and a mount.

      Lv41-55: Have good equipment (Weapons, armor, resistances), look for a family member to do lod events and gather to buy pets or sps from classmates.

      Lv56-85: Make lod until you can get to Gk, do raids, gather for better resistances and shells ...

      And so on...
    • jlander wrote:

      save money for resistances

      buy sps from classmates.

      Booo, make your own res and SPs! Lol, but yeah as far as order of priority goes it seems right.

      Although i will say, as a mage i didn't use any potions or snacks to get my first SP. Or rather to get Red Mage. Regardless of class you never really use potions or snacks to get pyjama SP(usually the 1st SP)
    • Let's add some points here:
      • Do every IC you can, to earn gold and fame.
      • Do arena 5x each day once you get to lv30, to get exp and gold.
      • Don't sell your items to NPCs, check the bazaar first; you never know what others might be willing to pay for it before you try.
      • Farm raid seals (Cuby, Ginseng, etc.) to earn even more gold.
      • Do raids and make sure that you get what you want from them before leveling to a point where you no longer get a box.
      • Do things yourself (e.g. ressistances, SPs,...), it's more fun that way. Also, do it with friends in a group.
      • Do not level blindly. First, check what content exists that is only available at your current level and ask yourself if you want to do it.
    • make yourself extremely op, by abusing market and learn of upcoming updates so you can, sell what will become garbage in a month or 2, with learning future updates you can also sell stuff which will become common at a high price while its still considered valuabl, todays game you can make sp +9 then focus on perfection and be competitive to higher sp upgrade users, perfection usually puts you above them, event based raids seem be waste of time due to alts, no money to make from them due to this. Once you have enough bank behind you begin controlling certain aspects of market(bazar) which allows you to set the price of particular goods. side note entire game you can solo, if you do every 1 hates you for being op =)