New UI bugs&suggestions + Event bugs

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    • New UI bugs&suggestions + Event bugs

      Hey there,

      Back again with bug reports and suggestions related to the new UI and event. :sniper:

      1. Every time you change your resolution the partners' skill bar will be reset - even though you moved it and locked the UI back.
      2. If you have equipments in the 2nd skill bar and attempt to equip them by pressing the hotkey or clicking them you will end up removing equipped accs and not equipping said item. (Does not happen with 1st skill bar)
      3. Timer bar in raids (I guess TSs too) now is hidden behind the chat and the skill bars. Adjusting your skill bars/chat to clear the timer will result in skill bars/chat being placed in the middle of the screen when outside raids/ts. (I suggest a redesigned smaller timer bar or not even a bar just a timer somewhere)
      4. If the settings button is pressed (to reveal the rest of the icons) raids or ICs are hidden behind said icons. There is plenty of room to the left of the settings and nosmall buttons to add any events there (such as IC raids w/e).
      5. Allow us to remove some of the skill bars - yes I know the unused slots disappear when pressing the lock button but if for example you only use the top skill bar (the old one from 1 to T) it will be placed in the middle of the screen - you being unable to move it lower since you're not using the bars under it.
      6. Bring back levels in raid team list - hovering over every player in order to kick low lvls from a raid is so tedious.
      7. Stop resetting the quest window with each log in. If I don't want to see any quests now I won't want to see them when I relog either.
      8. Bring back the emotes with the chat open. Most of the emotes happen while we text as they would happen IRL. We don't want to write a message, press esc, emote, press enter repeat..
      9. Give us the option to stick to the old UI.
      10. Give us the option to have the icons that are now hidden behind the settings button permanently displayed again.
      11. Change that setting button to something that better shows what it does.
      12. Bring back numbers for the xp bar and make the xp bar thicker. It is really hard to see right now and annoying to have to hover over everything in order to see the %.
      13. Allow us to move the raid team list too :P - since we can move everything why not this as well.
      14. I'd personally love to be able to hide my character's icon from the top left and move something else in its place.
      15. In cases where the skills bar is locked and there are unused slots in the middle just join the halves to make the skill bar smaller.

      Event bugs:
      1. You can't join a Hongbi raid without a seal in your inventory. However no seals are used when starting the raid.
      2. Daily mission from Malcolm misses the word "in" from the following: "I believe you, adventurer!" should be -> I believe in you, adventurer!

      (Will update if needed) - Can provide screenshots but pretty much everything is self explanatory.

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