The most epic nostale video by Delox

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  • The most epic nostale video by Delox

    Hi, I am Delox, MONSTER's Familyhead :3

    I don't know exactly if this is the correct place to post my video, so if it isn't I would really appreciate if any mod move this post to the correct place.

    Well, today I want to share with you a short video (less than 2 min) that is the most epic nostale video you can watch. It is in Spanish, but you can enjoy it too, the context is simple: as nostale streamer I use to record myself playing Nostale and sometimes... the impossible becomes possible... Enjoy :3

    The main difference between PvE and PvP player is that the first one fights vs himself to achieve his best version of himself while the second one just wanna be better than others.
  • I was luring in katol 17h and I got 0 boots and in one streaming where I achieved lv99 and I was going to try fgb s5 (I only needed 1 more) my friend forgot 1 flame giant and I said him: bro this giant has the boots you are know it? And i got them...

    After that, the next day I try 96 robe and I got in streaming r7 without amulets...

    If thats not epic an my reaction is not normal, please buy blood probably you are death xD
    The main difference between PvE and PvP player is that the first one fights vs himself to achieve his best version of himself while the second one just wanna be better than others.
  • it's not epic at all only the making of armor which happen quite should add subtitles and you got a nerve to put WT* in your video as you aware bad words can be reported haha i wont discuss more about it ya but i think if you can do editing at least make your voice lower abit is too overgerating for small stuff what next?+15 sp or shells and shout woooooohhhh woooohhhh?
  • Corona wrote:

    why the dam hate?? whats the bloody point? let the guy be proud of his luck.. alt o
    Critism and Hate are two different things. It's like a Youtuber who would, let's say trip while they run and get a bloody Knee from it, and then uses is to write something in the Title that is similiar to NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - DEADLY FALL - MY LAST TRIP?!
    It's literally just two lucky moments that he caught on Video, a more fitting Title would be something similiar to ''Insane Lucky Streak''.
    It's pretty much just overreacting from his Side, it's not Hate, it's Critism :) Critism is needed to improve so i don't think he would mind that.
  • Talk to any youtuber and they will remind you that you need some level of "click bait" on a video name. I'm not saying its a good tactic, but that its a common thing youtubers do.
    in regards to the criticism people have of delox: realize that some players focus only on pve others do pvp. Regardless of the pros and cons doing both one or the other, realize that these players spend a majority of their time learning and becoming the best in this regards. While for many nostale veterans this may seem meaningless, for newer players it means a lot.
  • Those Youtubers might need to live off the Views, of course they are trying it with Clickbait, every View counts for them.
    But he is not a Youtuber who can live off of his Videos, so why the Clickbait?
    I don't think he did this on Purpose, he just didn't find the right Words.
    He can be happy about his Luck, no doubt, but it's still not ''The most Epic Nostale Video''.
  • Agreed retix he may not be a youtuber in that sense for financial income, but is english his primarily language then?
    I agree his choice of english wording may be poor, but I'm just trying to point out that there's not really a need to be so critical of one player expressing his growth in a game.

    ^ touche my english may be failing me at this time in the night