Regarding AFK issue

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  • Regarding AFK issue

    Is it putting partner to afk farm creep for a while without using bot also a fault?
    Also is it razer synapse for the macro key cant be use in nostale?as it is one of the function of the keyboard and it is totally not a bot what?
  • While having a partner kill stuff for you while you afk is against the rules, there aren't many places you could actually even get it to do that for you in the first place.(you can't just set it to attack things nearby, it would only attack things that attack it)

    Generally speaking, you are supposed to be looking at the screen while you play. I don't know if macros aren't allowed completely or not, but I can say you can't just keep pressing a button without actually looking at the screen.

    If you are suspected of afk leveling, a GM may send you a pop up window asking if you are there or not. If you are unable to respond(or just don't) you may end up getting punished.

    You can sit your player down, move controls over to a partner and just kill stuff with it instead(which can look a lot like afk leveling to other people). I've done this many times when getting a new SP to level it up a bit and unlock some moves instead of waisting my daily SP bar using only basic attacks on weak enemies. Again, as long as you are able to respond to any GM communication you are fine.(which means you need to be paying enough attention to the screen to do so)
  • §5 Cheating
    • Using bots, keyboard simulators or any third party programs are also forbidden and will result in a permanent ban of your account.Using any program/script that plays the game in any automatic configuration while you are away from the computer is prohibited and will result in a permanent account ban.
    So no macros are not allowed either.
    AFK training is not allowed either.

    §2a Ingame Behaviour
    • AFK-leveling is prohibited and will be punished with a temporary ban. (AFK = away from keyboard -> Placing your pet/partners in places where they will gather (free) experience while you're away/not playing NosTale is considered AFK-leveling).
    • While AFK-leveling you can't guarantee that monsters (f.i. Pii's) do not attack other players and might endanger them. This is considered a breach of rules as well.
    • Your attention has to be on the screen while playing, otherwise it is possible that you can't react to approaches from team members.