Information Maintenance 10.01.2018

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    • Information Maintenance 10.01.2018

      1. Hey NosPlayers,

      2. Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

      3. When exactly? Wednesday Jennaury 10th 2018 from 09:00h to approximately 11:00h CET. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
      4. What will be changed?
        • Christmas event ends and event items will be deleted during the maintenance (same list as last year) and decoration will also be removed
        • [Bugfix] Music on “NosVille Meadows” and “Fernon Outpost” was missing
        • [Bugfix] Limited spiky hairs were not dyable – now they are
        • [Bugfix] Damage reflection skill of little princess venus was deactivated in all raids - it was possible to finish % dmg raids in a few minutes by using the skill
        • [Bugfix] The portal on new banking map was moved a bit up to prevent players from stucking while entering the map
        • [Bugfix] By relogging on new banking map directly infront of the npc the players were teleported behind the table and were stucked there
        • [Bugfix] It was not possible to talk with the npc on new banking map by clicking on it if the players were not directly standing infront of him
        • [Bugfix] Admiral Bori was able to give players a buff to see invisible players. After doing a relog this buff wasn't removed and players where able to see invisible players the whole time.

      5. Your NosTale-Team

      sexier than Morgoth