Angels? Or Demons?

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    • Angels? Or Demons?

      *Hope Your Having A Fine Time!
      -I Wanted To Know Your Guys's Opinion On The Factions In Nostale-

      *Factions Change Depending On Your Family
      -If That's The Case Then For US Cyo~ What Are
      -A Few Angel Fams?
      - And -
      -A Few Demon Fams?

      *Or Better Yet, What's Your Personal Preference ^~^ (And Why!)

      Personally For Me I Think Angel Would Be Much More Aligned To My Character
      (RP Reasons Duhh Who Wants To Be A Demon Ick <3)

      *But Can I Justify Joining Solely For RP And Will I Be Able To Play With People Because Of It?
      I'd Love To Know More About It! And If I Should Join A Faction Based On My Character
      *Should I Join The Faction That Suits Gameplay Best? And Is There Any True Differences Between The Two?

      *Thanks Very Much!

    • They don't really have differences. It is just the point on the map where you can jump a wall to go to the fc raid. But if you want to choose, ask other players, wich side has more raids, and then take this.
      I think, that demons are the better side, but I don't want to spoil the main quest for you haha
    • Currently on Cylloan, the big families switch sides quite often.
      To explain that, let me tell you a little thing about how it works with demons/angels:
      First of all, your faction only matters in frozen crown, a PvP area where you normally should not go before lv60.
      Outside of it, other players can't even see it and it does not influence your game.
      In fc, you get divided into two sides depending on your faction and you can kill players from the other side to get reputation. However, you will also loose reputation if you get killed, so be careful. Often times, there are not many players there, so you can go and farm some items. If you are lv60 with good equipment and a few good friends, you can actually get really good stuff there.
      The thing that most players care about are the raids. If enough players are online, one of the two sides will get a point every once in a while. Once one side hits 100 points, a raid opens for this side that can be joined when you are lv60 or higher. You do this raid together with your family, so you could in theory go with up to 100 players and ace it fast.^^
      Depending on your family, you might or might not be able to win the raid, or just some of them.
      There are four raids and in each of them, the boss and mobs all have the same element. Shadow is easy, light is also not hard, fire is harder but doable and water is even annoying for high players, you really don't want to do that before you are about lv80.^^

      In these raids, you can get shells that you can put on your weapon and armor to give it nice bonus effects, and people really want these to get even stronger.
      To get more shells, some families change the side they are on. This can only be done once a day, but if you do it correctly, you can get 1-2 more raids then you would without.

      Another thing to do in fc is the Caligor raid. It is a raid against a big, big world boss, where you have one hour to kill it; but players from the other side can kill you and try to prevent it. But here, you get mixed into a team at random, so that teams are more or less fair, so the faction doesn't matter here.

      Thus, short version: It is not important before lv60, and even then, it just matters that you have the same faction as your friends if you want to go together with them - apart from that it is not important.

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