Ban from Nostale

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  • Ban from Nostale

    Dear Staff/Members

    I recently got my account ban and I am completely aware of my comportment and what I did, I act very immature and said some bad word during some Foxy raids. I have no idea on what happened to me that day I was exited because I had a Volleyball game the next day with my school and I started making inappropriate jokes, not to people but about Foxy(The raid).

    I understand, I did a huge mistake. I was making jokes that were not very nice.
    I am not very sure how long my account is ban the only thing I see is "You are ban from nostale" I hope I can get it unban because I started playing since 2 month.
    I want to apologize for my inappropriate comportment and what I said.

    Sincerely, Viquely

    US Server - Channel 1
    IG name: Viquely