Server disconnected & Screen freeze

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  • Server disconnected & Screen freeze

    Hi, as a Nostale player since 2009 I can differentiate ''lag'' from ''server inestability''. Since the new raids: sheep, meteorite,... have been implemented, my friends and I have experienced the following problems: randomly server disconnections (I lost caligor because the server kick me 2 times in 30min) and hard screen freeze every 15-30min (the game stops during 1 min and after that all continue as normal). I want to emphasize that I have a good computer and good internet connection and that only Nostale gives me problems. The rest of games and / or things that require internet work perfectly.

    It is really annoying to lose raids, die farming, among other things, because of the instability of the server. Please patch the latest update or remove the new raids.

    If you are experiencing these or similar problems (or know how to fix it), comment it.

    Thanks you,

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