New Raids + IC bug

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  • New Raids + IC bug

    Accepting the IC invite while in a new raid will result in the following items losing functionality:
    Wing of Return
    Amulet of Return
    Bell of Sweet Home

    Incoming IC (2-5mins until it starts)
    Bushi King/Meteor/Sheep Raid

    Repro Steps:
    1. Launch app.
    2. Join a raid.
    3. Wait for the IC to start.
    4. Accept the IC invite.
    5. Wait for the raid to end.
    6. Attempt to use Wing of Return, Amulet of Return or Bell of Sweet Home.

    Result: Wing/Amulet of Return and Bell of Sweet Home lose functionality after accepting IC invite while in the New Raids (Meteor, Bushi, Sheep)

    Expected Result: Users in a raid do not get IC invite or Wing/Amulet/Bell work properly after accepting IC invite while in a raid.

    Repro Rate: 3/3

    Workaround: Relog/Enter Miniland

    Note that changing map does not fix this.
    Tested on Meteor and Bushi raids.

    Video here:

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