Question about r2 shells

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    • Question about r2 shells

      Hey people!

      I just recently found out about the rare 2 shells, in my opinion they seem to be pretty cool however the reason for that might be the fact that I do not understand them correctly.

      So here we have a dagger

      My question would be how does the C- effect work? Just looking at it I first thought the effect would stack with the normal weapon effect, basicly making it 11% on 91% damage but I quickly figured that this is wrong. (Atleast I hope so...) So...does this shell effect stack with the ones of the normal weapons? Can you increase the effect by putting another r2 shell on the bow so that it basicly stacks shell+shell?
    • The shell and orange stats stack. And your Main Weapon + Secondary Orange stats stack but only SL's(SL is a stat) from the shell will stack from the weapon you are not currently using, for example if you use Sin, you will also get orange stats from your bow and the SL's from your bow shell if they're higher than what is on your Dagger. S A B C D is just the grade of the stats, for example S stats could be like S damage 19% S 20% Damage in PvP or S Elemental Properties 129. but S grades are only on R7 shells but will have the best stats.

      That weapon as a 22% chance of a critical hit. (If you press P and look at your character Info, you can see the full bonus if you have any other crit increasing items / main weapon orange stats).
      396 Critical Damage.
      15% Chance of 51% Damage bonus in PvP.
      And Increase damage at a 5% chance by 50% is not applied to your PvP damage, these are separate damages and can apply either separately or even together.
      When you land the 5% chance of 50% extra damage, your character will have this white circle shine around it for about a second.
      But as the image shows here, if you had other stats from your bow such as this one, it would increase your chances.

      This Bow + your dagger will give reduce elemental ress by 24, elemental energies 160 and Increase damage by a probability of 35% by 95% damage.

      I hope this explains what your looking for.