AOT problems and Weekly Challenge

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  • AOT problems and Weekly Challenge

    2 problems,1 thread.
    First thing first can any GM can check why Holy can't heal himself when it's his turn in AOT ?
    There are some problems with AOT,some clarification would be nice.
    As for weekly challenge.
    Challenge 5 says that any TS rewards ts points,i did 21 ts's but i got only 2 ts points, why ? :(
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
    ~Running through my head~
    ~Running through my head~

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  • As holy when you have a target selected and use heal, you run towards this target.
    Only when you are in range, you notice that it is an opponent and thus heal yourself instead.
    That can easily be tested in PvE and therefore, a holy player should always know how to push ESC to get rid of his target (otherwise it might get really ugly, a low-HP holy running into a mob, etc.).
    Now the problem with AoT is (and was for as many years as I can remember playing AoT) that the "this guy is an enemy" mechanic doesn't work properly. So you run up to the enemy, try to heal him - which of course doesn't work because he is an enemy - but you also can't heal yourself because he is not properly viewed as enemy by the game.

    At least this is how I always saw and interpreted the healing in AoT.
    So simple solution: Press ESC to get rid of your target and just heal yourself. :)