Special maintenance - today 15.30h CEST

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    • Special maintenance - today 15.30h CEST


      Due to several channel crashes after the Halloween event started (and which seem to be related to the new event raid), we need to perform a special maintenance in all servers in order to apply a patch which will hopefully solve the issues.

      When exactly? Today, Friday October 27th 2017, from 15:30h to approximately 17:00h CEST.

      What will be changed?
      • Fix for the channel crashes
      • [Bugfix] Hunted players cannot leave the new raid anymore via the start portal.
      • [Bugfix] Jack O'Lantern and Foxy Halloween Raids sometimes asked for 8 members, which prevented players from joining the raid.

      Please note: We have received this patch from the developer which will hopefully solve the channel issues, however, should the new raid cause further problems during the next hours/days (more crashes), we might need to deactivate the new raid temporarily until the issue can be fixed and so the servers can be stable. Hopefully this won't be needed, but in any case we would inform you. Thank you for your understanding.

      We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

      Your NosTale Team