New Hallowen Raid,Mad Proffesor Macavity Disscusion !

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  • New Hallowen Raid,Mad Proffesor Macavity Disscusion !

    First of all i wanna congratulate the developers for making something new. :D It was about time too.
    So i hope players will post here their strategy of how to deal with the raid from both perspective(Hunters and Subjects).And anything related to this raid or the Hallowen Event.(when it comes out ofc).
    I know it's too early but im so excited,this really sounds fun,hopefully the final prduct won't be a dissapointment like when they implemented Caligor. ^^
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
    ~Running through my head~
    ~Running through my head~
  • Sadly,the outcome of the raid isn't what i expected.
    Firstly i will explain how to do the raid.
    There is no lv requirements other then being atleast lv 30.
    The raid team maximum numver of members is 8.
    However once the raid starts,2 teams are created from this 8 players team.
    The teams are of 2 and 6.
    The team of 6 will be transformed into their pet,(sorry that i didn't mentioned already,you must have a pet to enter),the point of this team is to find a broken key and escape from the raid throgh a portal to win and receive the raidbox.
    The team of 2,1 player will become Proffesor Macavity while the other will become the Test Subject,Macavity have the power to stun,while Test Subject have the power to kill,togheter they must eliminate all the pets player from the 6 players team,their rewards depends on how many of the opposing team they eliminated,the amount of boxes vary.
    Pet Players cannot attack or use any kind of spell,they must find a broken key from the chests that appear during the raid.
    These chests can offer beside broken key,a magic scroll that give the pet player a diverse power like high speed or invisibility,so the 2 players team can't catch you.
    The most valuable reward within the raid is Witch Lourena Wand,that can also be found in a chest,if you got this wand,simply find Witch Lourena in Port Alveus and give it to ger,she will give you the "True Raid box",this box can contain Macavity pet or Test Subject Partner sp.
    Now my problem with this raid.
    First and foremost,this is the most abuseable raid i ever seen,litteraly all the teams forbid the hunters(2 players team) to do anything and let them find the Witch Lourena Wand,at the end 6 players receive a box but the other 2 players receive nothing.It kills the point of the raid.
    There is absolutely nothing going on with this raid,you just make the run 5 times a day and hope you are lucky to find and loot the Wand,Someone playing for the first time this raid as the Test Subject may not know exactly what to do and just kill some pets thinking they are supposed to kill them,then getting blacklisted,hunted,threating and so on.
    This makes the raid bland,boring and repetitive,with aboslute no level of difficulty or challenge,as the only threat in the raid is who ? Whitch Lourena,spooky.
    Such a dissapointment,though im more dissapointed at the players that ruined this raid,then the raid itself,it could hadbeen great if it was more well thought.
    Hopefully the Christmas one will be better and fun.
    ~All the things she said ~
    ~All the things she said~
    ~Running through my head~
    ~Running through my head~
  • Which is why people do this raid with their alts in order to keep all the boxes or with friends and split the boxes.
    If this raid is played with random people who all want to win survivors have pretty much no chance as the killers can easily win with the short CDs on their abilities.
  • I do like that there's a different raid idea but I don't blame players for the raid being unfair, if Entwell makes the raid and allows so and so events to happen within a raid, then its because of the game design that makes it unfair, we cant control players to do or not to do what is allowed in a raid such as Caligor, if they simply never implemented PvP then there wouldn't be any fighting or reasons for the raid to fail most of the time. Game Design is everything.